How DigitalCreat Helped Fortis Technologies Get Noticed … and Get Acquired

How DigitalCreat Helped Fortis Technologies Get Noticed and Get Acquired

Fortis Technologies had one exit goal: to be acquired. The enterprise content management consultancy had all the ingredients for success. It just needed a best-in-class B2B marketing agency to help it focus, productize and publicize its message.

DigitalCreat Marketing knew exactly what to do.

For Fortis, our primary goal when it came to setting up the organization was ultimately to sell that organization at some point in the future.

The next venture is quite interesting. It is around the same thing that I have been doing for 20 years. So, it’s content management related, with a unique paradigm shift in how you do content management. We think it’s going to really turn the entire industry upside down. We do know that we’re developing it with the intent to sell.

DigitalCreat is suited to help us achieve that because they’ve been proven in the past. Leading into the sale of our business before, they were instrumental in helping us accomplish that and put that message together. And build that brand and that vision. Sitting down with DigitalCreat, they are the first to go to. As soon as I got free and was able to talk about this, they were the first ones I put on the list. DigitalCreat Marketing brought all the tools to the table.

Fortis started out as a company that was focused on doing content management consulting. And we would do implementation work, setting up complex doc management systems, primarily in the life sciences space. And in order to get to that place it was really important that we get a marketing group on board. Instead of paying one marketing person, we had an entire team working for us.

We had designers, we had web developers, we had people that understood how to manage trade shows, we had people that knew all the different aspects of it. It was phenomenal. So, the relationship just continued to grow with DigitalCreat, and blossom. We started out small, very incremental. And as our success in sales and marketing grew, our use of DigitalCreat grew.

There wasn’t a challenge that we put in front of them that they couldn’t handle. Everything that they did for us was top notch.

Key Results

DigitalCreat helped Fortis choose the proper vertical, properly position its offerings and articulate its value proposition for life sciences.

Dramatically increased industry visibility led to impressive lead flow and double-digit bottom line growth.

The life sciences space took notice due to earned media placements in targeted publications and a big splash at the industry’s largest trade show.