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Search engines use relatively complex processes — or algorithms — to organize and rank content. 

They operate with slightly different protocols and formulas to get their ranking factors/signals. 

The long and short of it is, search engines take in digital content and organize this information into results pages. The ultimate goal is to make searchers happy with the results they find in the SERPs.


Google deploys its bots (we talked about these bots as “spiders” earlier) to crawl the web looking for new or updated website content/pages. Generally speaking, the more links a page has to it, the easier it is for Google to locate that page.


Next, Google analyzes the URLs the bots discover, and it tries to make sense of what the page is about. This is where multiple determining factors come into play, but critical things Google looks at include: content, images, and other media files. It then stores this information in its Google Index. Buttoned-up technical SEO is vital in these first two steps, so everything gets appropriately indexed.


Users need to be able to consume your content easily on a mobile device. Google evaluates your content according to its performance on a mobile device, so it is vital you get this right.

User interface

Google wants to recommend sites that appeal to users in design and usability. Your site layout needs to ensure that when the user lands on your page, they find it attractive, understand what your page offers, and grasp the navigational options they have.
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