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Digital Create is an inbound web marketing, analytics and optimization company with offices in Maryland (MD) and North Carolina (NC). We help companies accurately track their advertising results and get more leads and sales from the web.

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When you work with a full-service digital marketing agency, you’ll have a seamless plan that works together. The agency will know and understand your business and therefore, be able to accomplish your goals with numerous strategies.


Instagram Marketing

Want to grow real Instagram followers, get amazing photography and sell via IG?

Facebook Advertising

Tired of social media marketing agencies who promise but can’t deliver on Facebook pay per click campaigns?

Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank on page one of Google and increase your site traffic?

Web Design

Want a web design agency who get’s the job done right?

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In other words, we’ll stop your customers in their tracks with bold ideas and unique positioning. Our client-centric approach has delivered results for our client roster for the last twenty-five years. We connect your brand to your audience based on a strong strategic foundation. Let us help you stand out today with memorable award winning results. We prove out every metric with complete transparency, through a powerful tracking tool called RADAR.

Our Work Method



We are a boutique digital marketing agency focused on a small number of quality clients. This is for one simple reason – we talk to them constantly. We understand that your success is our success. Helping you helps us.




The needs of every business are unique. We work with you to formulate a strategy to understand who your customer is and how to communicate with them. We create an authentic, cohesive, and custom tailored strategy to help you compete in a crowded marketplace.



Image is everything. We produce stunning creative work that tells a story to your customer. When customers understand how associating with you can define who they are, they have a compelling reason to buy (and are likely willing to pay a higher price).



Having great ideas is not enough.
It takes a lot of work to make a dream come into reality. That’s why we have an incredible project planning and management process. This insures we can track who is responsible for each task and when it will be delivered.

Typical projects

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Experience you can trust, service you can count on. DigitalCreat Company – your partners in profit!

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Why choose DigitalCreate ?


  • Consumer Insights
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Communications Planning
  • Creative Concept Testing

  • Out of Home
  • Packaging & POP
  • Collateral
  • PPT
  • Sales Aids


  • Digital Strategy & Trends
  • UX Strategy & UX Design
  • Website Development & SEO
  • Social Media Strategy & Campaigns
  • Mobile & Social App Development
  • CRM & Email Marketing
  • PPC & Display
  • Data Analytics
  • Connected TV

  • Broadcast – TV & Radio
  • Print
  • Out of Home
  • Display, Search & Social Media
  • Campaign Analysis & Tracking
  • Connected TV

  • Mobile Marketing Tours
  • Foundation Support
  • Corporate Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Street Teams


  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Naming, Logos & Taglines
  • Brand & Identity Guides

  • “Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”

    Alexandra Blackfire

    Co-founder, CEO

    Let's work together for success

    Alexandra Blackfire

    Co-founder, CEO
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    Jacob Remmington

    Co-founder, Creative director

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    Miriam Richmond

    Marketing director
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    Leonardo Black

    Financial director

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    The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

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    Customer Experience

    "This partnership definitely helps us generate more quality leads, last year it generated about 13% of our leads in total. I believe DigitalCreate membership is also one of the factors that reassure our potential clients about the quality of our services and recognition within the creative industry. We’re currently expanding our services into the US and DigitalCreate has helped us establish our agency overseas."
    Miriam Brown
    Seven Media
    "DigitalCreate provides additional high-quality exposure through our profile and shared content across their social channels and most importantly, has provided us with quality leads that have helped to grow our business. They're a proactive, considerate partner!"
    Richard Green
    Seven Media
    "DigitalCreate is a trusted resource for brand-side marketers looking to partner with the best agencies out there, and we're proud to be listed and featured as one of them."
    Anna Richmond
    Seven Media
    "DigitalCreate connects us with customers specifically looking for the skills our agency brings to the table."
    Richard Green
    Seven Media

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