How Flow Trackers Doubled Its Install Base with an Integrated Marketing Program

Building an Integrated Marketing Program

Flow Trackers had all the ingredients for success. The San Jose-based, corporate hedge program experts had a smart and talented team, and their offerings met a distinct market need. All they needed was an integrated marketing program to hone their message, create demand and drive leads.

That’s where DigitalCreat Marketing came in.

Working with DigitalCreat on our marketing, they’ve put together an integrated marketing program for us that has substantially increased our leads. Really, I feel it’s a main driver in the doubling of our install base since the time we started working with them. They were able to get us visibility in the marketplace and help us expand beyond Silicon Valley across the country.

Flow Trackers is a company that’s been serving businesses with currency, interest rate and commodity risk to their margins. We’ve been helping them address that with derivatives, tools and technology support – bringing practical solutions to companies of all sizes for over 16 years. For the first decade, our leads came from referrals. As the company has grown, we really had a need to expand the source of our leads.

Working with DigitalCreat Marketing, they were able to give us more of a cohesive look, branding, enhance our website, and highlight different technical members of the team by publishing blogs under their names. We went from publishing one or two blogs a year to a steady stream – not only online but to CFO MagazineThe Wall Street Journal and other publications. We’re very excited about the degree of exposure that we’ve received in working with DigitalCreat.

Key Results

Flow Trackers’ integrated marketing program helped double its SaaS install base.

A shift from pure referral business to inbound lead generation significantly increased lead flow from the website.

A reinvigorated content strategy cemented Flow Trackers’ industry bona fides and increased visibility among finance professionals nationwide.