Dropshipping is certainly one of the best online businesses currently. You need no storage places or no warehouses to run this business. You just need a better marketplace and some tools and plugin to keep your business running and automated.

WooDropship is the best Dropshipping plugin for the WooCommerce stores. It gives the ease to import all your stuff from the AliExpress to WooCommerce.  It is a software with the web app as well as Chrome Extension.

What is WooCommerce and how does it work?

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce module that empowers you to offer anything, brilliantly. Attempted to facilitate immaculately with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s most adored eCommerce course of action that gives both store proprietors and planners complete control.

WooCommerce works really well with the WordPress which can be used to create an online store. It also integrates with a number of apps.

In fact, WooCommerce is a phenomenal choice for associations and individuals who need to dispatch their own particular online store, in the case of building it without any preparation or utilizing their current WordPress site or blog.

Detailed Review of WooDropship plugin September [2022: Is It the Best WooComerce Dropshipping Plugin?

WooDropship is a plugin tool that makes your Dropshipping business a handy one. It can easily import the products to your store from the Aliexpress.

WooDropship or AliDropship plugin

It creates your website look like an AliExpress website. Well!! It can fulfil all the orders on Aliexpress with just a single click. It is based on monthly-subscription where it comes for three plans.

Features of WooDropship

  • Easily Import the Products

 One of the main reasons why these plugins are important in Dropshipping is because they let you import any product to your store with just a single click.

If you have used Oberlo for Shopify, then you must be aware of this feature and how important it is when you have the products to add quickly.

Who doesn’t want to save time!! With this plugin, you can easily add products to your store right from the Aliexpress. The perk is that you decide the pricing of the product accordingly.


It would become confusing as well as disruptive if the inventory or the Aliexpress store is not well synched with the Dropshipping store.

Let us consider that if a price of the product is increased by the supplier but you are unaware of that or if the product goes out of stock and you have no clue about that. WooDropship solves this problem too.

It integrates the inventory in Aliexpress with your store so that when the price of a product goes up, you can change it accordingly. Similarly, if a product goes out of stock, it will be directly shown on your Dropshipping website.

Now, this is really important!! If you aren’t making profits, then there is no use of setting up a Dropshipping business. You need a potential profit margin on each product to keep your Dropshipping business on the run.

When you add the product to your store, you can also edit the description of each product and also set the pricing so that you can set a profit margin for your products.

If a product sells for $9 on the store, then make sure you keep your store price at a nominal price. As there are a number of stores running on your niche, the better one and the not the most expensive ones are liable to be sold.

Pricing for WooDropship


Thus, you can calculate taxes, shipping and all other charges including your margin to make up the total price. Bulk edit the pricing to test each of your pricing models.

Just like the pricing is vital, the product information is equally important for the customers. No one is ever going to purchase the product with no or less product information.

Customers like a detailed description with various images of the product. WooDropship gives you the option to edit the title as well as the description of the products. You can also add images to each product. Set the pricing and add variants accordingly.

There’s another thing that would be concerning for you when every time you will add the images to your store. And that’s watermark!!

Watermark is the transparent image or a text on the product images that make sure that their original image is not copied. You might have often seen the watermark images on the Google image search results that are at high risk of copying.

Though in Aliexpress, there are some watermark images of the product they can easily be removed using the inbuilt image editor of the WooDropship. It removes the watermarks from your images so that your store looks premium and loaded with genuine products. Thus, it doesn’t typically look like a Dropshipping store.

The simple order fulfilment process takes place with WooDropship. It fulfils order directly when the customer orders with just a single click. The products are added automatically to the Aliexpress cart and all the details of the customers are auto-filled within minutes.

Dropship Woo vs ALiDropship

WooDropship Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension saves your time by not using the web-app repeatedly. The extension imports the products directly from AliExpress to your Dropshipping store.

The extension decides the following:

  • Shipping Method: You can choose the shipping method or the right shipper for the orders. Most people who use AliDropship prefer ePacket. It takes around 7-20 days. There are other shipping methods that are: China Post, Registered Air Mail, AliExpress Standard Shipping, EMS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, Singapore Post and TNT.
  • Shipping Country: Choose the country that you wish to Dropship to.
  • Currency: You can accept the currency in the form of EUR, GBP and USD.



WooDropship and AliDropship comparison

WooDropship is a subscription-based monthly service which starts with as low as $14 per month. It also gives you a 7-day trial before paying for the subscription. The order fulfilment depends on the type of plan you choose.

$14 per month

  • Import 3000 product variants
  • Auto fulfilment
  • 100 Orders/month
  • Daily Product-Inventory sync
  • In-app Image Editing
  • Pricing Automation

 $29 per month

  • Import 15000 product variants
  • Auto fulfillment
  • 500 Orders/month
  • Daily Product-Inventory sync
  • In-app Image Editing
  • Pricing Automation


$49 per month

  • Import 60000 product variants
  • Auto fulfillment
  • Unlimited fulfillment Orders/month
  • Daily Product-Inventory sync
  • In-app Image Editing
  • Pricing Automation


Create your Custom Store

AliDropship or WooDropship Comparison

Above all, it also gives the complete customized Dropshipping store for just $99. If you have a lack of time or if you are new to this, you can spend $99 and get some great benefits of the customized store with following features:

  • Complete store set-up for your desired niche.
  • Use your own domain or get a new domain with .com extension.
  • Get 1-year hosting with 100 GB storage which is perfect for the Dropship store.
  • Get WooDropship plan worth $29with it.
  • You can choose a variety of themes for your store
  • Payment Gateway setup with PayPal as the main gateway.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Inventory and Product after every 24 hours
  • Set your own profit
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Customized logo according to your niche

Pros and Cons of WooDropship


  • Quick Order Fulfillment
  • Ease of Dropshipping
  • Customization
  • Free hosting and SSL
  • Inventory and Product Sync


  • Monthly Recurring Fees
  • Limited order fulfilment according to the subscription
  • No Add-ons

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The Verdict: Is WooDropship the Best Dropshipping Plugin?

WooDropship is certainly the best plugin when it comes to Dropshipping for the WooCommerce. It imports all the products from the AliExpress to your Dropshipping store. It makes the automation easy and free you from your day to day operation of Dropshipping.

WooDropship chrome extension is one of the big pluses for the customers. It easily imports the products and also lets you choose the desired shippers.

The only issue that you might face with this plugin is the customer support. That still can be forgiven as the company isn’t toll old and thus would take time to grow.

This plugin is worth using and would certainly automate your business reducing it to few steps. This was my detailed review for the WooDropship plugin for the Dropshipping. If you have used it earlier, please leave a feedback in the comments box.

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