Dropshipping is another part of the E-commerce business where you do not need to hold a stock for your business. Almost all the marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. I have written various posts on Dropshipping earlier.

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Today, I am going to review DSM tool which is an efficient Dropshipping management platform with most of the Dropshippers from eBay marketplace. It supports various other Dropshipping stores such as Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress and various others enabling the Dropshippers to import it to your store and sell your products without having a warehouse.

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In this post, we have featured DSM Tool Review 2022 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

 DSM Tool Review 2022: A Legit Dropshipping Management Platform

About DSM Tool

DSM is a Dropshipping Management tool that enables the Dropshippers to import and add products to their store for profitable Dropshipping business. It was established in 2013 in Israel. This tool rapidly lists the items from marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

DSM Tool Review- Drop Shipping Management Platform

The major difference between DSM and Oberlo is that Oberlo connects the sellers from Shopify to the Aliexpress whereas DSM connects the multiple destinations to the multiple sources of the marketplace. Let’s have a detailed review of DSM platform for the Dropshipping.

Features :Is DSM the Best Tool for your Dropshipping Business?

DSM is well known for giving the freebies to the customers and save your valuable time. The main objective of finding this tool is to save your time instead of doing the manual research and listings.

Smart Lister & Templates

There is a long and wide list of templates available for the premium users in the dashboard. However, there are only 2 templates for the free account.

All the templates are mobile-friendly and compatible with eBay. You can preview each template and edit it. You can make customizations in design as well as in the content.

DSM Tool Review- Amazing Templates

There are scads of templates to choose; Halloween, Christmas, China, Big Sale, Gift Shop, Sport and Motor are available for free. There are some other templates that are chargeable.

Rapid lister manages all your Dropshipping business at one place. You can make changes in your dashboard and set up the notifications by going to the lister settings.

The dashboard can alert you whenever the item goes out of the sale or it hasn’t been sold for a specific period of time. Moreover, you can set up the alert for the missed orders or the tracking numbers that have been sold.

Store Optimization

Optimize your products and monitor your orders to keep track of all the products. The monitor tab helps you set the prices and also make changes for the number of products you have.

DSM Tool Review- Store Optimization

You can set up add the existing lists from eBay or import the listings from your Dropshipping store. Sometimes there might be some unmonitored lists in your store. You can find them too with ease.

To make changes to the listings, click on edit and you can make changes to the profit %, quantity an set the alerts to a minimum stock limit.

Set alerts and use smart filters to get a better user experience.

Sale Builder

As the name says, the sales builder is quite effective in increasing your sales and it is fully automated. You have to add the eBay listings or the order and add the tracking code to it. It will automatically send the automated messages for a better feedback and improved ROI.

DSM Tool Review- Stats

In the Sales & Order Dashboard, you can view the number of items that need to be purchased and the orders that have been shipped. Also, you can track the performance of your sales considering the average profit and average sales for that month.

The dashboard also displays the Best Sellers of the month for better sales.


This feature is a plus making your work fully automated. When you switch on the auto-order feature, you wil have to first choose the right plan as to how many orders you want to send automatically.  Auto-order saves up your time by directly sending the orders from the desired marketplace whenever the customer orders the product.

It simplifies your list management and saves your balance in the store by consuming the gift cards of different stores that you own.

DSM Tool Review- Auto Order

You can create an auto-order in various marketplaces such as; Amazon, Walmart and AliExpress. It also keeps check on your order fulfillment as the order which has gone out of stock is notified in advance.

Choose the right plan as according to the traffic you have on your store. While the lowest cost $11.97 for 30 orders, the costliest plan is for $999.97 for 5000 orders.

Item Search

Search the items with a quick search bar and find the best products for Dropshipping. You can make a profit by finding the best selling products.

DSM Tool Review- Advanced Search

The advanced search locates the items based on demand for selling and find their sources.  You can also find their sources and compare the prices between the vendors to find a better deal.

The items that you have selected can be viewed in the saved items and you can also save the seller for the latter purpose.

CRM for Dropshipping

Manage and handle your customers using DSM tool. The in-built CRM for Dropshipping store in DSM gives you access to the customer messages and all other eBay updates. You can read and send messages as well as get access to all the important updates from your sellers.

DSM Tool Review- CRM

There is also a ready-made template which saves up a lot of your time.

Rapid Lister

With rapid lister, you can keep off the bad words from your listings and keep the process smooth. Rapid lister gives a number of benefits over other Dropshipping tools.

  • Upload your logo to add a watermark to all your images. DSM also customizes the logo if needed.
  • Use bad words filter to keep off some unwanted words that you don’t want in your listings.
  • Set the return policy accordingly. You can set the return up to date and also who will pay the refund shipping.
  • Create business policies if you want to create any.

How To Start With DSM Tool?

When you sign up for free, you will need to sync with eBay account and integrate it with the DSM tool. After you have synced the account successfully, you will be asked to fill your PayPal account. You can set up your desired profit % and the currency that you want to display your amount.

Upon successful registration, you will be redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard is user-friendly and clean and intuitive one. You can view and track all your sales and profits as well as the views for a week, month and for the whole year.

 DSM Tool Pricing

DSM tool pricing online

The pricing plan for DSM is quite reasonable and obvious. The most important thing about it is that it works as according to the pay as per use.

If you want to start for free, you would get the 50 listings with the dashboard alerts. Some features might be the same but with each increasing price, the number of listings and cost/listings will increase.

The lowest plan starts at $9.99/month with 150 items per listing whereas the highest plan costs $2499 per month with 100,000 items/listings.

DSM Tool Review- Pricing

If you need more than 150,000 items/listings in your plan, then contact the customer support team and they would customize the plan for you.

Supported Stores:

DSM Tool Review- Supported Stores

With each plan, you will get the following features:

  • Dashboard Alerts
  • sMultiple Source Vendors
  • Auto Feedbacks and Message Centers
  • Title Optimization
  • Chrome Extension
  • Linked Accounts
  • Personal Customer Service

Pros and Cons of DSM Tool Reviews


  • 50 listings: DSM gives 50 listings on a free plan forever which is worthy. This listing can extend up to 150,000 if paid.
  • Easy Import: The Rapid lister tools serves more purpose as you just need to copy and paste the link or click on the list on DSM tool which will import the listings including the images and MPN.
  • Top Suppliers: Choose the top suppliers from Amazon, Aliexpress and Walmart and start importing to the Dropship store. Choose any of them as the product source and start selling.
  • Add or remove items: You can bulk edit, add or remove items from your list. You can always remove the non-performing items from the display.
  • Customer Support: The customer support for DSM is quite responsive. Just click the icon on the left-hand side if the screen or send an email about the issue. Your mail will be answered within few hours.
  • Title Optimization: Keep the title of your product optimized with DSM. DSM suggests the best title for your product out of the keywords in the eBay.
  • Pricing: I have mentioned the pricing and how suitable it is. The pricing plan works on the pay as per you use way.


  • Limited Supplier suggestions
  • Lacks integration with some big stores

FAQ’s Related to DSM Tool Review

How do I cancel my DSM tool subscription?

You can cancel your membership renewal at any time by stopping auto renewal on the account subscription page at and clicking the cancellation button at the bottom of the page.

Is the DSM tool available for free?

The monthly cost of DSM Tool starts at $19.97 per feature. A free version is available. A free trial of DSM Tool is available.

What is the purpose of the DSM tool?

DSM Tool is a dropshipping and order management service that assists businesses in sourcing products from vendors such as eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, and others. It has a chrome extension for auto-paste that can be used to conduct online product searches.

Is the DSM tool secure?

There is a fault with their monitor in that it does not correctly pick up price changes, causing consumers to lose money and lose metrics on eBay. Stay away if you want to save your company.

Who are the typical DSM Tool users?

Customers who frequently use DSM Tool include: Freelancers, large corporations, mid-sized businesses, and small businesses.

Is there an API for DSM Tool?

No, there isn’t an API accessible for DSM Tool.

What methods of payment does DSM Tool accept?

DSM Tool processes payments using a very secure third-party system. The payment options are determined by the payment methods accepted in your country and the DSM Tool company’s country of incorporation. PayPal and credit cards are the most popular payment methods for DSM users. Debit card holders can simply add their cards to PayPal and use them to pay with their debit cards.

Does DSM Tool work with any other apps?

The following applications are compatible with DSM Tool: Shopify

What level of support does DSM Tool offer?

The following support options are available through DSM Tool: Email/Help Desk, Chat, and Knowledge Base are all options.

Is the DSM tool safe to use on eBay?

DSM Tool, as far as I know, is only for Amazon to eBay arbitrage. ShopMaster is best for normal drop-shipping (which is wonderful), but it all depends on your requirements. There is no such thing as a perfect instrument, in my opinion.

DSM Tool Reviews & Testimonials ( Mixed Reviews on Facebook)

DSM tool dropshipping tool reviews

DSM tool dropshipping tool reviews

DSM tool dropshipping tool reviews

DSM Tool Alternatives

1) Dropified

Dropified- Overview

Dropified is a dropshipping application in the most basic sense. It simplifies the lives of dropshippers because you may build a store on this application, connect with suppliers of the products you’re looking for, and then find products to sell. You can do all of this without having to bother about inventory storage, shipping, or packing since Dropified will take care of everything. You don’t even have to pay any upfront costs for the inventory; as a result, you may focus on product suppliers and carefully source the products at first.

Features Dropified

Dropified promises that its technologically superior facilities may save customers 20 hours in a single week. You only need an e-commerce site and a Dropified account to take advantage of this service. That’s it; you’re now ready to take advantage of the Dropified opportunities. Dropified works with Woocommerce, CommerceHQ, GearbubblePRO, and the well-known Shopify platform. The integration is also quite smooth and simple, since Dropified can combine with any of them in about 3 minutes and provide you with the necessary outcomes. Check out Dropified reviews.

Dropified makes it simple to open a store. You may quickly browse, choose, and import the products you want without any difficulties. Aliexpress is one of the many shipping services that Dropified works with. After your product has been imported from Aliexpress, you may see it in the inventory list, along with product photos and other relevant information. Once you are happy, you may begin selecting and selling the things. Dropified appears to be very smooth and simple to use thanks to this strategy.

Dropified, unlike many of its competitors and rivals, does not offer a free version, although it does offer a 14-day trial in two of its plans. Although it is more expensive than other of the market’s major players, it offers a wide range of good selections at a reasonable price.

2) SaleSource

SaleSource is a marketing platform that uses things like product analysis, trend evaluations, and competition comparisons to help e-commerce enterprises expand faster and more safely. It’s especially important for dropshippers because it gives them multiple options for identifying the most popular and in-demand products.

SaleSource Review

The tool is an artificial intelligence-based application that works with Shopify and supports all e-commerce platforms. It’s one of the most efficient solutions accessible if you’re sourcing from AliExpress, for example. Store Center, Sale Center, Marketing Center, and Product Center are the four key features.

SaleSource includes a Chrome extension that activates whenever a user navigates to an AliExpress product listing or any other e-commerce store listing. This is quite beneficial because it allows for automated comparisons of competing items. To achieve this, you don’t need to download or import any data or photos.

SaleSource is available in three different pricing levels, each of which can be paid monthly or annually. A free trial is also available. The free trial gives you complete access to the software as well as the option to scan five products for the best deals. You’ll need to upgrade your plan to gain access to competitor statistics and much more.

3) AliDropship

AliDropship for AliExpress is an automation application that can help you save time and money while growing your dropshipping business.

Alidropship custom store discount coupon

The AliDropship plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that can automatically retrieve product information from AliExpress, grab photos and import them into your store, verify shipping choices, and so on. Check out AliDropship reviews

You simply have to pay once for the AliDropship plugin. It’s $89 for a one-time payment that includes lifetime support and updates.

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The Verdict: DSM Tool Review 2022 With Discount Coupon Code (Free 50 Listings)

As a Dropshipper, you would always need some tools that ease your task and bring more sales with automation. If you are working as a part-time Dropshipper, then this tool works even better for you.

The pricing for DSM is quite reasonable and suits all the levels of Dropshippers. Moreover, you can add it as the Google Chrome Extension so that you do not need to jump to the website. I have earlier reviewed a number of Dropshipping tools but this tool had some unique features that fill the void.

I would give it big thumbs up!! This was my review of Dropshipping Management tool for your Dropshipping business.

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