In this post, we have featured 5 Best Sellics alternatives that include detailed insights into these tools’ pricing, features, functionality, and more.

More people are learning about the advantages of beginning an Amazon FBA business as of 2022.

On Amazon, anyone can establish a business that generates high-level, consistent income in a relatively short period of time.

Getting started can be difficult, but there are a number of excellent tools available to assist you with optimizing your business. You’ll need an Amazon seller tool if you wish to sell on Amazon.

You can certainly begin without a tool, but there’s a significant chance you’ll fail. On Amazon, there’s a lot of rivalries, which is why it’s critical to use effective tools.

Choosing an Amazon seller tool is a long-term decision that will impact your Amazon business.

Some experts might suggest you go with Sellics, which has been one of the most preferred and leading Amazon Seller tools in the market.

The tool is a popular choice among new and growing Amazon businesses who wish to establish their presence in the highly competitive marketplace.

However, over the past few years, there have been several other tools that have entered the market and have posed stiff competition to the mighty Sellics.  This implies that you now have many alternatives to go for instead of just settling with Sellics!

So, if you want to know which are the best Sellics alternatives for the 2022, or which are the best Amazon Seller tools other than Sellerly to get the job done, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Best Sellics Alternatives Of 2022:

Here are the 5 best Sellics Alternatives:

1. Teikametrics (Best Sellics Alternatives):

Teikametrics is an Amazon advertising management method that integrates automation, data science, and Amazon expertise to help you improve your Amazon PPC effectiveness and increase sales.

Teika is most known for its PPC software, but it also offers an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers:

During the first 60 days, sellers that use their world-class technology realize a net income boost of 34% despite maintaining a steady ACoS.

Swanson, Razer, Slyde, Mark Cuban Companies, Power Practical, and Two Rivers Coffee are just a few of the satisfied marketers who use Teikametrics.

7 Key Features Of Teikametrics:

Flywheel is the name of Teikametrics’ retail optimization system. It comes in two forms: self-managed and managed.

They also provide customized services that sellers and agencies can customize to their specific needs in order to sell goods on Amazon.

The various features are listed below.

1. Intuitive And Informative Dashboards:

Flywheel provides a dashboard that allows all users to simply manage their Amazon campaigns.

The dashboard shows total advertising revenue, overall revenue, advertisement spend, 56 – days marketing expenses of sale, as well as wasted advertising budget for the whole campaign.

Consumers can view the metrics mentioned in one period to those in another. Spend, impressions, conversions, clicks, click-through rate, cost per click, as well as conversion rate are among the other metrics offered in this view.

The dashboard also shows keyword performance in terms of net ad income. The top contributing terms to net ad income are only displayed on the home page.

Users can, however, get a better look by choosing to see all keywords used during current and past campaigns.

2. Advertising Campaign Manager:

Teikametrics’ advertising campaign manager organizes all of it, so all the customer has to do is log in, establish a campaign, and put the suggestions into practice.

Flywheel optimizes keyword searches so that users have the most cost-effective information possible. It alerts you to keywords with low conversion rates despite rising click-through rates.

Teikametrics Campaign Launch

Customers can also define target ad costs based on sales criteria, allowing Flywheel to terminate a campaign without them trying to check it. In the advertising management section, customers can see weekly activity items.

The following categories are used to track, classify, and track every campaign:

  • Targeting improvements
  • Negative keywords
  • Automatic to manual campaigns
  • Top contributing keywords
  • Spend, Sales, Data on impressions, and advertising cost on sales are available for each keyword in the categories.

3. Sponsored Brands Algorithmic Bidding:

Sponsored Brands automated bidding has been included since November 2019. For brands, the adoption of dynamic, profit-focused bidding technology improves the efficiency of Sponsored Brands programs on Amazon.

The Sponsored Brands campaigns would assist boost additional sales without losing profitability by constantly modifying bids based on the competitive forces while keeping desired margins or limits.

4. Bidding With A Price In Mind:

On the site, users can customize their advertisement bidding settings. These settings inform Flywheel’s algorithm about the user’s ad spending preferences and budget.

The algorithm will start taking care of all of the campaign’s requirements and select the most cost-effective option. The algorithm has considerable responsiveness to the modifications made in the settings.

5. Support For Unlimited Products And Ad Campaigns:

Teikametrics does not impose a restriction on the size of items and campaigns a user can run. It takes the same fee as far as the advertising budget is within the subscription plan of the user.

Teikametrics’ Flywheel, which is integrated with Amazon’s seller profile API, doesn’t really require or keep a user’s Amazon login information. It accomplishes it by integrating directly with the Amazon seller account‘s API.

6. Weekly Updates:

Users are notified when keyword bids change and ad groups are automatically targeted. When the machine detects possibilities to eliminate ineffective keywords and adjust campaigns to enhance efficiency, the emails would specify what steps must be taken.

7. Managed Services:

Users that want to take advantage of other people’s time and energy in managing their campaigns can also use Teikametrics’ dedicated account managers.

These account managers are skilled at creating and auditing campaigns. They also run weekly campaigns to execute negative, auto to manual, and focusing keyword activities in order to keep costs low and profits high.

Account managers make their actions completely transparent. They make it a point to call on a frequent basis to assess account performance and alter campaign strategies.

Pricing Plans Of Teikametrics:

The flywheel can be self-managed for $149, $799, or $1,999 per month. Every package has an additional cost based on the account’s ad spend percentage.

Pricing for managed accounts begins at $1,800. This does not include the additional ad spending percentage or one cost.

The following is a breakdown of the three different plans.

Best Sellics Alternatives- Teikametrics tool Price

Entrepreneur plan

  • Priced at $149 per month + 7% monthly ad spend
  • Up to $15,000 in monthly ad spend + variable on monthly ad spend

Pro plan

  • Priced at $799 per month + 3.5% monthly ad spend
  • Up to $50,000 in monthly ad spend + variable on monthly ad spend

Premium plan

  • $1999 per month + 2% monthly ad spend
  • More than $50,000 in monthly ad spend + variable on monthly ad spend

All these plans include the following:

  • Custom Metrics View
  • Product level Profitability
  • Expert Chat Support
  • Unlimited Products & Campaigns
  • Free 30-day trial ( and no credit card required)
  • Price Aware bidding Algorithm
  • Targeted Keyword Suggestions

Teikametrics Pros & Cons:

here are the pros & cons of Teikametrics:


Users benefit greatly from the platform’s statistics and algorithm recommendations.

Furthermore, the algorithm may continue to learn and grow from a seller’s business model to optimize bidding techniques even more without the need for human intervention. It offers data analysis tools to assist users in determining which goods are productive and which are not.

Users can also access this information to make better decisions about which things should be kept or discarded.

Teikametrics clearly knows which keywords will work well, so sellers may save money by not testing them. It’s no longer necessary to test words and keep track of the data in a spreadsheet.


However, it comes with a hefty price tag. Even the cheapest alternative they give is a little out of reach for new Amazon sellers.

Some may claim that this expense is very reasonable because it can boost business revenue. However, the additional cost is significant such that it becomes a high-risk investment for some vendors, particularly newcomers.

This is hardly surprising, given that the $149 per month package can support up to $15,000 in monthly ad spend. Furthermore, Flywheel’s statistics are rarely applicable to those who are just getting started with their Amazon firm.

New sellers are unlikely to take advantage of all of the platform’s capabilities. Even if the budget allows it, new vendors must first learn the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. After that, they may try Teikametrics’ Flywheel to see if it can help them with their business.

2. Helium 10 (Best Sellics Alternatives):

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon toolkit that provides 30 features dedicated to targeted keywords, product research, as well as opponent tracking.

Now that we have reviewed the basics, let’s get into the details about what Helium 10 has to offer.

Helium 10’s Product Research module gives you everything that you require to locate high-converting products very easily, thanks to advanced analytics and intelligent filters. Trendster, Black Box, and X-Ray are the names of these tools.

Best Sellics Alternatives- Helium-10

We will take a glance at each one separately below:

  • Trendster: From the comfort of one smart dashboard, you can explore potential goods and study market trends, demand, and seasonal changes.
  • Black Box: With Black Box, you can search over 450 million items in just a matter of seconds.
  • X-Ray: This gives you profit predictions, sales patterns, and costs so you can decide whether or not a product is worth selling online.

16 Key Features Of Helium 10:

Helium 10 also uses product metrics such as FBA fees, dimensions, as well as freight costs to determine the profitability of possible products.

Helium 10’s keyword research tools make it easy to uncover high-ranking search phrases. After you know the terms your target audience is looking for, you may optimize your content to rank higher in the search results with time. Helium 10’s extensive keyword aggregation and advanced competition research tools, of course, come into play here:

1. Cerebro

In just a single click, this tool displays your competitors’ keyword selection. It analyses popular listings as well as identifies the reasons for their success.

You may then mimic according to it and then develop on the same pattern to surpass your competitors.

2. Magnet

A magnet can help you find hundreds of high-ranking terms. A magnet will provide a list of all the important relevant as well as actionable phrases in just a few seconds after you enter a single search phrase.

This includes phrases with a lot of traffic, competitive items, and so on.

3. Misspellinator

This tool looks for commonly misspelled searches and compiles misspelled terms lists that are appropriate to use. These are lots of misspelled words that you can employ to your advantage.

4. Listing Optimization

Helium 10 provides writing resources and guides to assist you in increasing the value of your product listings. We mean ‘enhance’ in terms of both ranking higher as well as more engaging and appealing to potential clients.

5. Frankenstein

This program organizes and processes your keywords into lists that are ready to use. It will save you a lot of time!

6. Scribbles

Use ‘Scribbles’ to keep track of the phrases you intend to use in your product descriptions automatically. Each time you put a recommended keyword into your copy, it will be removed from your ‘keyword to-do list.’ This helps achieve all of those must-have keywords a lot easier!

7. The Index Checker

This double checks that you are searchable in the Amazon searches by confirming that you have included all of the terms in your product details. This ensures that your products appear in Amazon’s index when people search for them.

You can also use the Index Checker to discover what terms your competitors are now using so you may mimic and improve this blueprint.

8. Organize Your Operations

Helium 10’s company management services are specifically designed to make your day-to-day operations easier and more efficient. It accomplishes this by delivering reliable automation, reminders, as well as real-time analytics to help you manage your Amazon business more effectively.

9. The Refund Genie

Automatic seller reimbursement requests help you get reimbursements from Amazon consumers faster. Refunding is usually a hard and time-consuming process, but Refund Genie simplifies the entire process, from filing a refund to initiating an Amazon complaint.

10. The Inventory Protector 

This is a feature that protects your inventory by restricting the number of items clients can purchase every order. You will have complete control over what’s in inventory this way.

11. Follow-Up Emails

They encourage natural reviews, which will boost your rankings over time. You will even be in a better situation to increase the quality of your client experience and keep consumers engaged for a longer period of time if you use the information from your follow-up emails.

12. Mobile Application

You can keep a watch on your Amazon business and receive alerts from the comfort of your mobile device, no matter where you are. If there’s any questionable activity on your account, you’ll get fast notifications, and you’ll be able to see your earnings at a glance.

13. Analytics

For making informed, data-driven decisions, analytics and reporting tools are essential.

As a result, you’ll be relieved to learn that Helium 10 gives you crucial insights into the parameters that are the most important aspect for the growth and profitability of your Amazon business.

14. The Profits Tool

By assessing your revenue, expenses, and cash flow, you can get a comprehensive picture of your current financial health. You can spend time looking on your Amazon store and receive notifications from the comfort of your smartphone, regardless of where you are.

If there’s any questionable activity on your page, you will get fast notifications, so you will be able to see your profits at a glimpse. For making informed, data-driven actions, analytical as well as reporting solutions are essential.

As a result, you will be stunned to learn that Helium 10 gives crucial insights into the parameters that are most important to the productivity and profitability of your Amazon firm.

The Profits Tool analyses your revenues, expenses, as well as a cash flow to give you a comprehensive picture of the existing financial health.

15. The Market Tracker

You can develop customized markets employing smart suggestions to gain a better picture of who you and your opponents are. You will always be a step ahead of the trend with the Market Tracker’s daily updates.

16. Marketing

Finally, we will take a glance at some of Helium 10‘s marketing features. With its smart search phrases, insights, and predictive bid recommendations, you can simplify your ad campaigns.

You may also use Helium 10’s drag and drop landing page builder, named ‘Portals,’ to create high-converting landing pages. Portals make it simple to drive traffic to your product pages from any location. Helium 10 offers Amazon sellers conversion-optimized layouts and services.

How convenient is it to be able to quickly customize and populate your pages with product information directly from your Amazon listings? Gone are the times when you had to waste a lot of time and effort copying and pasting information!

Helium 10 Plans & Pricing:

Helium 10 has four different pricing categories.

Black Box, Trendster, XRay, Frankenstein, and Scribbles are all included in all premium subscriptions, as well as unrestricted access to product research & listing optimization tools including Trendster, Frankenstein, Black Box, XRay, and Scribbles.

Best Sellics Alternatives- helium 10 new price plans

The Free Plan

Basic capabilities and restricted access to the Helium 10 tool package are included in the Free plan. Rest assured that if you surpass this plan, you may expand at any moment.

For Scribbles, Frankenstein, and Profits, you will still get single-user access and a complimentary 30 – day trial. You will also have access to 50,000 follow-up emails for the rest of your life.

Platinum Subscription

The Platinum plan, which costs $97 per month, is a must-have for expanding organizations and, according to Helium 10, is their most common plan.

You will get:

  • 300 alerts per month
  • Single user access
  • Access to Freedom Ticket Amazon Training
  • 5,000 follow up emails monthly
  • You can track 2,500 keywords a month, and track up to three markets.
  • 150 monthly uses of the Index Checker
  • A landing page builder for up to three portals

The Diamond Plan

This package, which will cost you $197 per month, is ideal for experienced sellers and teams aiming to expand.

This plan consists of multi-login in addition to all of the Platinum plan’s features, as well as:

  • 600 Alerts or ASINS a month
  • 300 monthly uses of the Index Checker
  • 15,000 follow-up emails a month
  • You can track 5000 keywords per month, and track up to 10 markets.
  • Access to a landing page builder for up to 6 portals

The Elite Plan

This tier, which costs £397 per month, is designed to suit the demands of expert Amazon sellers who want to scale quickly.

You will also get quarterly in-person workshops plus live monthly video training from business experts, in addition to all of the above.

That’s in addition to:

  • 50,000 follow-up emails per month
  • Access to the private Elite Facebook group.
  • You may track up to 5,000 keywords across 15 markets.
  • 500 monthly uses of the Index Checker 
  • Access to a landing page builder for up to nine portals
  • Up to 1000 ASINS per month

Helium 10 Pros & Cons:

Here are the Pros & Cons of Helium 10:


  • Helium 10’s subscription plans include the Amazon Freedom Ticket, which is an excellent resource for anyone looking for high-quality training.
  • Helium 10 includes 20 tools to assist with a variety of tasks, such as item and keyword research, sales, and advertising.
  • You gain access to unlimited resources such as the Amazon data analysis Chrome extension as well as the URL builder, which allows you to create trustworthy-looking URLs for your advertising.
  • A free service is offered, which is an excellent alternative for someone just getting started selling on Amazon.
  • Helium 10’s comprehensive toolkit aids in the growth and scaling of your Amazon business. Helium 10 offers a wide range of features, whilst most of its competitors focus solely on product selection.
  • You will have access to high-quality workshops if you purchase Helium 10’s most expensive tier.


  • Even the simplest Helium 10 price plan is a big expenditure for fresh Amazon sellers, and so is likely to be attracted only to firms that are already profitable.
  • The Diamond package, which costs over $200 per month, is the only way to get a multi-user login.
  • Support tickets are the only way to get in touch with a customer. There isn’t a webchat widget, phone number, or active community to contact.
  • Because of Helium 10’s extensive feature set, there is a big learning curve. Before you can take advantage of just about everything Helium 10 has to provide, you will have to invest some time and energy familiarizing yourself with the system.

3. Jungle Scout (Best Sellics Alternatives):

Jungle Scout is an Amazon search tool that lets you uncover winning goods, estimate sales, analyze keywords, and monitor opponents all from one simple dashboard.

It pretty much shows you which products would be the most beneficial and simplest to expand your business with right away.

Greg Mercer launched it in 2014, the year that marked the transition from the Amazon research “Dark Ages” to the present “Renaissance.”

Best Sellics Alternatives- Jungle Scout

Why Do You Really Need It?

People were literally selling items in the prehistoric age known as pre – JungleScout, believe it or not.

Apart from battling for space and food with enormous reptiles, Amazon nerds like me had to do all of our research by hand, digging for goods, assessing competition, and generating spreadsheet libraries with the scant information we had.

Instead of investing hours upon hours doing it yourself and depending on your gut instinct (which I still adore), Jungle Scout does this for you in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, product research is the utmost important aspect in attaining success, and competitiveness is growing by the day. No matter how bright you are, when you choose a faulty product, you will fail. These days, the fight is crazy.

6 Key Features Of Jungle Scout:

If running an Amazon FBA store was a sport, that would be a cross between a 400 m sprint and a complete marathon. Profitability is a long-term game that requires a lot of patience.

However, in the short run, speed and power triumph. Jungle Scout is all about time-saving in the short run while positioning you for long-term success.

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics and how they can benefit you:

1. Niche scout

Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter remains my favorite component of the online application as a product research nerd.

It allows you to find successful niche ideas, goods, and keywords using criteria such as:

  • Product Category
  • Competition
  • Listing Quality Score (LQS)
  • Average Price
  • Opportunity Score

2. Product Tracker

You may view a product’s wholesales history with Product Tracker. It provides me the average cost, ratings, charges, weight, search traffic, and analyze sales.

The Product Tracker on Jungle Scout gives a real picture of a product’s sales history.

3. Product Database

The Product Database at Jungle Scout covers approximately 70 million Amazon products. The preset filters are the best part, as they provide instant ideas. It’s easy to become stuck by analysis paralysis when faced with a 70 million-item product list.

You can use the filters to select the most frequent factors (such as high demand or low competitiveness).

4. Keyword Scout

The importance of Amazon keyword research is critical to your success. You would like to ensure that the people are searching for your goods and that your listings are optimized to meet those search queries.

5. Ranking Ease and Keyword Difficulty

This is a scale of one to one hundred that indicates how challenging it is to rank for a term. Lengthier, more specific phrases, such as “women’s flat foot running shoes,” are typically low, whereas “women’s shoes” are practically impossible.

6. Relevancy Score

The relevance of a term to your actual search is shown by this score. If you understand your niche or product thoroughly, this isn’t really useful.

However, if you are still learning, you can occasionally pick up a synonym, a slang phrase, or any random jargon to help boost your listing and improve your listing quality score.

Jungle Scout Plans & Pricing:

The cost of Jungle Scout is initially perplexing. The web application, the Chrome extension, as well as the combo package are all available.

And the cost varies depending on whether you pay annually or monthly. Oh, and it varies depending on the number of actual monthly orders you receive.

But, upon close assessment, it’s not quite so perplexing. It’s just not as simple as some of the other tools available.

I will quickly break this down for you. If you merely want to look at the packages and sign up for a free trial, go to Jungle Scout’s price page.


The Basics

  • Jungle Scout: Monthly – $49 per month and Yearly – $39 per month
  • Chrome Extension: Monthly – $39 per month and Yearly – $19 per month
  • Package: If you buy both together (and you should), you save big. Monthly – $69 per month and Yearly – $49  per month.

4. Viral Launch (Best Sellics Alternatives):

Probably one of the best companies in the Amazon market is Viral Launch.

The firm and its product have been around for quite a long time, and you can find references to Viral Launch in blog articles as well as forums dating back five years or more.

They have, nevertheless, made a substantial change in their business approach over time.

Viral Launch was a products launch company that helped advertise your product to potential buyers for a high price on their offer site – that used to be named Elite Deals – prior to paid reviews, being blocked, and Amazon’s stricter supervision of attempts to manipulate the algorithm.

Best Sellics Alternatives- Viral Launch Overview

Viral Launch now appears to be primarily promoting their collection of tools rather than their product launching expertise.

Product and keyword research are among the options available, and so are advertising management and automation. They also have keyword tracking so you can watch how your product develops over time.

How Does Viral Launch Work?

Viral Launch positions itself as a solution that enables merchants to scale by giving them everything they want.

Through scraping a platform, the application appears to collect a lot of information from Amazon’s front end into a database which you can use for a keyword as well as product research. Viral Launch’s most well-known characteristic is its product launch.

It operates by offering a massive discount to potential buyers in exchange for their purchase of the goods.

These users would have originally been able to post product reviews, but Amazon encouraged reviews, making it nearly impossible for such reviews to appear on the products listing.

The concept behind the product launch was that you may begin producing sales, which will demonstrate to Amazon that you are relevant for a given search keyword, and Amazon will begin indexing you automatically for that term.

Their toolkit appears to be equivalent to a few of the similar companies, such as the Jungle Scout and Helium 10.

Product and keyword research capabilities, and also tracking tools, are available on both platforms. Viral Launch sets itself apart by offering a kinetic advertising solution.

6 Key Features Of Viral Launch:

Let’s look at some of the capabilities that Viral Launch’s program and product launch services have to offer.

The platform offers extensive keyword and product research analytics, as well as marketing automation. Product launch may still be a feasible alternative for quickly getting your products on the Amazon platform.

1. Product Launch

Viral Launch was originally best recognized for its product release feature. You would create a particular amount of coupons for a huge product discount, such as 90% or higher, to launch a product.

Viral Launch would disseminate the coupon codes to buyers who were willing to receive the product at a discounted price through their deal site.

The impact of their product launch doesn’t really appear to be as significant as it once was. Part of this might be due to the change in Amazon’s algorithm, which now favors full – price or minimum – reduced sales over heavily discounted items.

You can still utilize the service to obtain initial sales for the goods, but this does not appear to have as much of an impact on your future rating.

They clearly state that your account must have current sales in order for Amazon to be alerted to any potential concerns, implying that this product may bring account troubles for newer sellers. A heavy marketing effort may yield better results.

2. Product Research

Within their software package, they have two tools to assist you with the product research step of selling on Amazon. Product Discovery and Market Intelligence are the terms they use to describe the tools.

Depending on certain parameters, the Product Discovery tool appears to reverse-engineer product ideas for you.

The inputs appear to vary from the products you want to offer to the monthly income targets you want to achieve. It then conducts an Amazon search to identify products that fit your requirements.

For a search phrase, market intelligence predicts monthly sold items and monthly income. It also tells you how competitive the competition for that keyword is, as well as past data and latest developments.

Finally, they assist you in calculating the costs of acquiring such goods and beginning to generate revenue on Amazon through rankings.

3. Keyword Research

Viral Launch also appears to have its own keyword research tools. The first tool is a “reverse ASIN search,” which allows you to get QR data for Amazon listings that are already live.

It scans Amazon to discover which keywords are indexed for a product and where it ranks in search engine results pages.

Keyword research tools appear to provide historical data on search terms as well as trends over time.

You choose appropriate keywords for your goods and discover which keywords are growing more popular or changing over time allowing you to uncover advertising opportunities on specific search phrases.

4. Listing Audit/Content

Understanding how to improve your product listings is also crucial, and Viral Launch appears to handle this with a number of different tools and their suite.

The listing analyzer is the first tool, and it compares your listing to competitors’ listings as well as identifies what information it has or lacks and how it may be enhanced.

The Listing Builder tool assists you in creating written material for your listing by tracking a specific number of relevant keywords and how they appear in your listing content. It gives you a score based on the content of your listing, the keywords you utilized from the list, and the frequency with which you used those keywords.

5. Keyword Tracking

The keyword management tool gives you detailed information as well as keyword tracking so you can watch how your ranking changes over time. It lets you track up to 2,000 keywords and observe how the search traffic helps you figure out which ones have the best chance of making money on Amazon.

6. Advertising 

Viral Launch’s kinetic PPC management tool appears to be their newest and most high-end technology. To automate your advertising campaigns, you can use the advertising tool to create custom rules.

Instead of traveling to Seller Central, you can manage all of your advertising campaigns right from the interface. The Kinetic tool connects with the Viral Launch tool suite’s other keyword research tools, allowing you to automate your keyword research and campaign design.

Kinetic also integrates keyword performance across all campaigns, giving you a clear picture of which keywords are generating the most calls for your items.

Finally, Kinetic includes tracking logs in the UI so you can see exactly what changes are made to bids and keywords over time.

Viral Launch Plans & Pricing:

The software and product launch services of a viral launch are priced separately. Previously, launching products on the Amazon platform cost thousands of dollars.

That pricing has changed dramatically, and they now only charge $200 for each product launch.

Based on that pricing, it appears that a significant component of their business has changed, and the value of the service formerly provided may not be as high as it is now.

Viral Launch price

Monthly and annual memberships are available for the distinct software pricing.

An annual subscription saves you around two months’ worth of payments, and there are different tiers with different product features depending on how much you pay.

The basic account is $59 per month and gives you access to only the product ideas features. The top tier is $199 a month and includes access to all of the product’s features. 

Viral Launch Pros & Cons:

Here are the pros & cons of Viral Launch:


  • It’s simple to use because of the application’s interface.
  • The tools can be utilized right away after they’ve been set up, with only a few requirements from the seller.
  • Subscription plans are priced comparably with other products in the industry.


  • A large selection is available. They may be unable to do any one thing properly if they focus on too many tools.
  • Customer feedback. When it comes to the actual value that the tools provide to clients, opinions are divided.

5. Sellerboard (Best Sellics Alternatives):

The Seller Information Hub, which provides in-depth insights regarding profitability, sales volume, and cost-effectiveness, may help sellers obtain vital insight into their business.

Learn how sellerboard can assist you in expanding your company by comparing the current patterns, offering insight into the most recent deals, and maximizing your prospective profits.

Best Sellics Alternatives- sellerboard

14 Key Features Of Sellerboard:

Here are the features of Sellerboard:

1. Live Dashboard

It has a real-time dashboard.

This Dashboard enables you to present accurate information on Amazon charges (e.g. FBA charges, commissions), PPC spending, return expenses, promotion costs, and your fixed costs with a single touch or click (e.g. Virtual Assistant, Prep Center).

You can also filter your results according to date (now, yesterday, or this month) and product.

2. Demo Mode

You will not have to register or establish a profile to use the “Demo” mode to learn how sellerboard operates, get used to it (which takes no time at all), and decide if it’s the ideal Amazon seller analytics solution for you anyway before you begin their free trial.

3. Free Trial For Two Months

Sellerboard offers 2 – month free trial coupon codes, which are believed to never expire and be available every day since Augustas Kligys produces a Monday series of videos wherein Amazon seller software is displayed to the public and competes against one other for our interest, time, and utilization.

4. Mobile User friendly

It is miles ahead of other similar services in terms of mobile usability. As a result, it can be accessed from both laptops and mobile phones, allowing you to maintain track of your internet business while on the move.

5. FBA Errors Are Tracked

It has the ability to track FBA mistakes. One does not have to depend on Amazon to give refunds and pay the money back owed to them if they use sellerboard. One can track real-time data or even claim refunds that Amazon may have overlooked.

Although Amazon has a strong track record, there is a chance of FBA problems. It is preferable to be well informed and cautious than to be sorry.

6. PPC Optimization

It can also enhance earnings by optimizing pay-per-click campaigns. This is a fantastic feature! The PPC dashboard monitors the success of your PPC campaigns, ad groups, and keywords and assists you in adjusting bids to meet your profit goals.

7. Email Campaign For Digital Follow-up

It can run a totally automated follow-up email campaign without any input from the user other than the settings.

This degree of automation relieves the seller’s mind of worry linked to minor details, allowing them to focus on the broader picture while making business decisions. Assigning jobs to AI would be even better than delegating responsibilities to human staff.

8. AutoResponder

It enables you to give buyers Automated Messages, collect ratings and suggestions, and enhance your customer care.

9. Accessible And Low Cost

It may be utilized by nearly anyone who needs to set up a business and boost revenues in real-time and with accurate figures.

Never before have I seen my company expand and profit so handsomely. As a result, anyone, even a novice, can utilize it. There are no limitations placed on entrepreneurs or small businesses.

It’s straightforward and easy to understand, especially for low-income and disabled people who want to achieve financial independence through business.

10. Wide Market Reach

One of the most important things to think about when managing a business and selling goods in the market.

These issues, whether they have a reach or not, whether they are consumer-friendly or not, if the company will be successful or not, are continually on our minds.

As a result, a list of some of the most important markets, like the United States of America, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, and Mexico, may help you cater to these markets.

It covers a wide range of topics on a global scale.

11. Tracking Trends

It enables us to examine a variety of measures. Here are a few examples: The Sellerboard statistics function allows you to keep check of all critical KPIs for each product, ensuring that you may not have negative growth. BSR, sales, returns, and profit are examples of such KPIs.

If one of these has recently deteriorated, the seller must act (e.g. check the quality, decrease price, run ads, etc).

12. Tracks Hidden Costs With The Power of AI

Sellerboard is a specialist in accounting for up to seventy(70) secret Amazon fees and other expenses, and revealing it all to the sellers in a simple, well-presented format.

This helps merchants grasp the finer points of their Amazon business connection and how it works. It allows the seller to look up information on any product, variant, or fee at any time and for any length of time, be it a day, a week, or a month.

This is incredibly beneficial in terms of reducing production and sales expenses in order to optimize earnings. It also aids vendors in maintaining a positive connection with Amazon by making the system more transparent.

13. Cashflow 

You can control your cash flow with the Cashflow tool. You may add your further investment in the firm, the amount of money paid for the items, dividends, and VAT by clicking the “Add” button.

Amazon payments and expenses are automatically calculated.

14. Customer Service Is Important.

The customer service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the online chatbox on the right-hand side.

The answer as quickly as possible. Unlike the others, they make certain that a customer’s, as well as a seller’s doubts, are allayed.

This is the outstanding customer service center I have ever come across.

Sellerboard Pricing Plans:

  • The Enterprise plan: ₹4642.58 monthly and ₹55932.04 for the entire year.
  • The business plan: ₹2284.44 monthly and ₹27192.26 per year.
  • The professional plan: ₹1694.91 monthly and ₹20560.00 per year.
  • The standard plan:  ₹1105.38 monthly and ₹13190.82 per year.

Sellerboard Pros & Cons:

Here are the pros & cons of sellerboard:


  • Inventory management
  • Restock and reorder alerts
  • Listing change alerts
  • Negative seller feedback More events
  • Refunds for lost inventory
  • Users & rights management
  • Additional seller accounts
  • Monitoring of your fixed costs and other expenses
  • PPC optimization
  • “Request a review” automation and email follow up campaigns


  • Small businesses require more pricing options.
  • The base plan does not allow you to manage user access rights by account.

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Conclusion: Which Are The Best Sellics Alternatives?

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