Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your products online. Facebook is a favorite of entrepreneurs who promote their ecommerce and dropshipping products online.

But did you know that there are other ways to sell your products on Facebook?

With this tool, you can address people who have left your shopping cart. It is mainly used in Facebook Messenger.

In this article, we’ll examine Recart Review features and price, and help you determine if this is a great investment for your online dropshipping business.

(Updated 2022 ) Recart Review: Is It Worth?

Detailed About Recart Review

When you set up your Shopify store, you can use Facebook and Facebook Messenger as places where you can post your products. Even if you do not publish them directly in the application, both show their Shopify products to those who visit their FB corporate site.

FB Messenger is much better on the Facebook page, as the FB page can be saturated with a lot of content. This can be confusing for a customer who may not even waste time exploring your site.

In the messenger application, a customer merely needs to launch their application and touch the name of their company to ask. Then Shopify allows him to navigate through his products through messenger.

Recart was designed to support this. In this way, you can automate discussions with your customers.

When a customer writes his name Messenger, he can answer predefined questions that he has created, such as: For example, “What are the shipping costs” or “More information, your products interest me”.

You can also use it as email marketing. In email marketing, you create ads or publications that you email. The client opens his e-mail and decides that it is spam.

Instead of sending promotional materials and email marketing, you can send them to the customer’s messenger application. You will be notified and open the application to read your advertising message. Then they use the messenger application to communicate directly with you.

Most news sites, including The Guardian, cover the history of messaging ads when they are published.

ReCart App Review & Analysis of Features

Welcome to the Shopify Recart Review application, a tool designed specifically for the needs of online businesses. As the name implies, the ReCart application was designed primarily to reduce the number of abandoned baskets in an e-commerce store.
Recart Review - start marketing

However, this brightly designed application has several features that you’ll love.

The ReCart application was developed by combining the features of 7 different technologies that allow you to:

  • See Facebook Messenger marketing news.
  • Push Add to cart Latest News
  • Create and execute abandoned campaigns: messenger, email and push notifications
  • Push notifications – welcome message and instant campaigns
  • Automatic e-mail entry
  • AutoFill Form – Shopify Plus only
  • Exit the Analytics console

After this basic summary is complete, let’s take a look at the various features and go a step further to our ReCart review.

Recart Review: Messenger Marketing

Messenger is the focus of Recart’s features.

Recart is the # 1 e-commerce merchant messaging application installed by thousands of companies in Shopify. As email opening rates continue to decline, Recart helps you improve your conversion rates with messenger campaigns.

In Messenger, you can send:

  • Welcome messages and announcements.
  • Shipping Notifications
  • orders
  • Product evaluation requests (with Loox integration)
  • Memories of the abandoned basket.

Recart Review - try it to boost sales

With Recart, you can extend your communication capabilities with Messenger, from important conversations to discount offers. Most companies, according to Recart, achieve higher click through rates and up to six times higher opening rates when they switch to Messenger easily.

Recart increases the number of visitors with the marketing tool Facebook Messenger

We begin our review of the Recart application with one of the most amazing features, the Facebook Messenger marketing tool. The mainstream media, including The Guardian, announced the new Facebook business model when the ads were published in the popular e-mail application.

Facebook has recently surpassed 2,000 million subscribers, giving marketers a new area of ​​interest. With Recart email marketing, you can sell more to existing buyers and turn them into brand ambassadors. The developers developed ideal e-mail marketing strategies and presented them to the FB messaging tool.
The Recart messaging marketing tool is optimized for:

  • Remember the abandoned,
  • Send discount offers,
  • Shipping notifications
  • Get an after-sales service, and
  • Deliver coupon codes.

Messenger campaigns have an opening rate of 85%, allowing you to reach a larger target market. Best of all, all messaging marketing campaigns are automated and you do not have to spend time each time.

Recart Review- Product review
Recart helps store owners increase their audience with a variety of tools that can turn baskets into customers and subscribers. Shopkeepers can create unique email marketing lists with opening rates up to 85% and a high CTR of 50%. The Recart application will soon be supported by other messaging features, including:
  • Shipping Notifications
  • purchase tracking
  • Unused coupon code reminder
  • Welcome Message
  • Message from the best customer.
  • Distribute main functions

As a marketing tool. A reboot was made to take full advantage of Facebook Messenger’s potential.
Depending on usage, you can increase your participation rates, turn your potential customers into sales, encourage your customers to feel appreciated, provide them with a personalized experience, and more.

Welcome messages

Customers visiting your Facebook page receive a welcome message from them in their messenger application.

It’s a great way to break the ice. You can warmly welcome them, thank you for visiting your site and, on this occasion, explain why your business is something special or what it has to offer.

Recart Review - tools and service

Push Add to Recart Latest News

These are contextual messages that you can write yourself. In these messages, the customer sees a picture of his products. Then you can expect them to like it and put the product in your shopping cart.

Memories of the abandoned basket.

Shopify has a feature that lets you know if customers have put products in their baskets and then decided not to buy.

On your control panel, you can view a list of all these people and then send them a special message. You can personalize it by adding their names.

Then, the Recart application displays your message and the photo of the product you have submitted in your Messenger application.

In addition to transmission in the messenger application, you can also email these messages with Recart.

Ship notification

Customers appreciate being informed about their purchase. With Recart you can send a notification as soon as you have packed and shipped the items.

After the shipment, the customer receives a message informing him of the status of the shipment. This is not a tracking application, but you can tell the customer that the package is on the way.

You can also add important information, such as: For example, the arrival date, the operator you use, or the tracking number that the customer can use.

Create and expand your e-mail list.

As always, you should not send spam. Before you can send these notifications, customers must accept.
The same principle applies to e-mail marketing. Customers must first register and understand that they can receive promotional material from you. Here, however, you receive your consent for the Facebook Messenger, not for the e-mail.

Recart Review - build your messangers

You do not have to be subscribers to get noticed. When talking to you about the application for the first time, you can program it to display a message prompting you to subscribe.

In this pop-up window, you can offer something in return for your subscription, such as: B. a discount. Once you click Subscribe, you will receive the voucher that will be sent to you. Then you can send them more ads or promotional and marketing materials.

Charge compatibility with other applications

The Recart application is designed to work with other applications. This facilitates the use of the functions of other applications, eg. For example, integration with other advertising campaigns that you can not normally use in the

Messenger application.

We can not handle everything in this review of the Recart app! This also includes some of the other applications that you can integrate.

Here are the applications compatible with Recart.

  • Wheelio
  • Justuno
  • Optimonk
  • Private
  • Woohoo!

With Wheelio, for example, a customer can turn the wheel and then win discounts or promotional codes. When connected to Facebook, they can use the Wheelio application to send the coupon or discount code to FB Messenger.

However, if the client is offline or does not have the Restart application, the Wheelio application will request the client’s email address.

When you receive the e-mail, it will be added to your mailing list.

With Recart, you do not need to create a separate email marketing list. Whenever the customer has selected their Recart application, they can send all their marketing campaigns to FB Messenger.

Invite customers to leave comments.

After sending the shipping information, you should wait until you are sure that the customer has already received the product. And if you’re the owner of the product, you can send a follow-up message via Recart and let the customer know that you appreciate it.

Recart Review - features

The message is sent manually. You can customize it by adding the name of the customer, the product you bought, and a photo of it.

With this message, you can thank the customer and ask him to give a rating if he is satisfied with the purchase. You can also use it to ask if there are any problems with the product. For example
It is broken if the wrong article was sent.

Promotions and broadcasts.

You can program Recart and create a massive broadcast. Use it to promote new products, promotions, seasonal products, discounts or anything else that can help increase your sales.

The best you can do is make it free because you distribute it to people who have subscribed to your messenger list. You can recruit more people, but it is for people who have already made a purchase or for those who have shown interest in your business and products.

Custom Campaigns

The application lets you create your own campaign templates. It is not based on models. This means that you can create a style that matches the identity of your brand.

Here you can change font styles and sizes, add audio and video, select photos, add custom text, and create buttons that customers can use.

Increase your subscriptions with Add to Cart.

The “Add to Cart ReCart” pop-up menu is designed to re-motivate shoppers and capture their emails. The feature typically displays a window that prompts the user to send their e-mail and place items in the shopping cart. This highly efficient and powerful tool has exclusive templates that can be customized on request.

The ReCart Context Editor offers extensive customization options, from the style of the header to the style of the button.

Recart Review - Grow your list

The development team found an average conversion rate of 74% with the “adds to cart” tools. The bright point is that if the buyer also sent their email, a new pop-up message will not be displayed to ask the same. E-mail lists can be exported to all of your e-mail applications, such as Mail Chimp, which allow you to manage a database of your customers.

The ReCart console also gives you a real-time analysis of all pop-up windows that are put into the cart. This gives you more room to test different contextual messages and select the best ones.

Restart Sell more with push notifications

We know that push notifications have twice the click-through rate as email. Since the developers of ReCart know this meaning, they have included this great feature in their application.

Ideally used to issue discount codes, automatic notifications are also displayed to greet new subscribers and remind abandoned buyers.

These push notifications are automated and promise a clickthrough rate of up to 23%. Notification Push is not only useful to increase engagement, but also to make the marketing channel more profitable.

Recart review - Increase Conversion rate
Recart push notifications are also useful for promotions and seasonal campaigns. Store owners can launch campaigns with a launch notification campaign or stop selling with a full ad campaign. Push notifications have an average of 19% clicks on promotions and secret sales campaigns.

The new insert notification is not just for marketing, it’s also a great data collection tool. A subscription field can be configured to open when the user clicks the push notification. This gives you an excellent opportunity to develop your customer database.

What does Recart cost? | Recart review

The application is not free. You need to pay $ 29 a month, but you can use the free 14-day trial.
It’s a good deal because it can bring you a lot of money.

Recart’s innovative pricing model is based on the value of additional revenue you can achieve with the application.
On average, spend about $ 29 per month on $ 1,000 in additional sales.

Recart Review - select pricing plan

That’s a good part.

Each paid version of the application comes with every tool, including the available integrations.
If you need help getting the most out of your Recart service, just get in touch with the team.

Start again: customer service

Recart provides considerable additional support to those who are launching a cart abandon strategy for the first time. Their help includes many easy-to-follow articles, and “growth specialists” are available via email, Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no phone number for people who prefer to talk to an expert. The live chat feature also does not connect you to a person in appearance. Instead, you must leave your e-mail address if you want to be contacted again.

Start again: Ease of use

The European brand Recart specializes in options for retargeting news for e-commerce websites. Although the focus is on Messenger, you can capture emails, send automatic notifications, and send pop-ups thanks to built-in integration with tools such as Wheelio and Optimonk.

With Recart you have the full opportunity to bypass the task of the shopping cart through multi-channel interactions with your target audience.

With recruited publishers, multiple customization options, and an analytics page to track the success of your campaigns, Recart facilitates customer recovery.

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Conclusion: Recart Review (FB Messenger Marketing)

Get this application if you can pay $ 29 a month. It’s a low value to invest compared to the number of people who can achieve it. It is also much cheaper than the monthly payment of advertising.

Use the app to reach new people, promote your promotions and campaigns, and deliver an exceptional and personalized customer experience. And most importantly, you use it to provide your customers with an effortless experience and enable them to shop in your messenger application rather than on their FB page.

We hope Recart review post suits your purpose well. And if you liked the post then kindly share it on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, share your opinion in the comment section.

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