Looking for the best Gorgias Alternatives & Competitors and Which Is Best & Why? Which is better Gorgias or Zendesk? Gorgias vs Freshdesk, Gorgias vs Tidio. Lets look at the comparison in detail.

Why Gorgias is better than Zendesk?

  • Gorgias is much easier to use than Zendesk.

One of the first attributes that most users love about Gorgias is the straightforward user interface that makes it easy to execute in the shortest time possible. Zendesk is also user-friendly, but it has a steeper learning curve than Gorgias.

  • Gorgias was built specifically for eCommerce.

If you own an eCommerce website, you will find more value using Gorgias than Zendesk because its features are specifically built for eCommerce websites. The idea behind Gorgias is to help merchants increase their conversions by handling queries from their customers effectively and promptly. 

  • It has more reliable customer support:

Since Gorgias is still relatively smaller than Zendesk, you will have a much closer conversation with their support team.

  • Gorgias offers more value for money:

When you pay $50/month for their basic package, you will get way more features than the $49/month package Zendesk offers. For any small business that is looking at getting more value for every dollar they spend on a helpdesk app, Gorgias is a better alternative. 

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Why Gorgias is better than ReAmaze ?


  • It offers an unlimited number of agents for all packages.

With Gorgias, you don’t have to pay more to add more agents like you do with ReAmaze. Even for their smallest package of $50/month, the number of users is unlimited. For instance, if you have five team members, ReAmaze will charge you $145/per month, whereas Gorgias will still only charge you $50/per month. 

  • Much better integration with Shopify.

If you are running a Shopify store, you will have a seamless experience using Gorgias since it was specifically built for Shopify. 

  • Gorgias lowers the first-time response time

by a great margin through its real-time automated messaging. When a customer contacts you for the first time, Gorgias will always send the automated feedback faster than ReAmaze. Remember, this first-time response plays a crucial role in encouraging the customer to continue asking more questions. 

Why Gorgias is better than Tidio ?

Tidio reviews

  • Gorgias has more functionalities than Tidio.

The only thing that Tidio does is integrate your messaging conversations from social platforms, live chat, and SMS into one place. On the other hand, Gorgias offers an all-around customer support experience that includes details of sales generated by sales from various conversations. 

  • Gorgias also has more reliable customer support.

You will likely get more prompt and quality feedback from Gorgias’ support than Tidio. Another added advantage of Gorgias is the fact that you can contact them via phone, an option that is not available on Tidio. 

Gorgias is updated more frequently than Tidio. These updates always come along with new features and bug fixes, which in the end boosts the user experience of the app. If you are looking for a platform that is always evolving and improving the user experience of its customers, then Gorgias is your ideal choice.

Why Gorgias is better than Freshdesk ?

Freshdesk review home

  • An unlimited number of agents for all packages.

Gorgias charges based on the number of features you have access to and not the number of agents. On the other hand, Freshdesk charges based on the number of agents that manage your customer support through their app. With this kind of arrangement, Gorgias is a much better alternative if you have a bigger team managing your eCommerce business. For instance, if you have six team members, you will be charged $90/month on Freshdesk, whereas Gorgias will charge you $50/per month for the same number. 

  • Much more reliable customer support.

Both platforms have reliable customer support teams, but Gorgias has an edge over Freshdesk in this aspect. In times of need, you will get more prompt and quality feedback from Gorgias than from Freshdesk.

  • It integrates with more platforms.

If your business uses several platforms to communicate and sell products, using Gorgias is ideal since it will extract all messages and comments from potential customers into one place, where you can respond to them with ease. Some of the platforms they support include; Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS, Twitter, etc. 

Why Gorgias is better than HelpScout ?

Freshdesk review home

  • Gorgias offers an unlimited number of users for all packages.

If your eCommerce website is managed by more than one agent, you will get more value using Gorgias than HelpScount. For all packages, HelpScount charges based on the number of agents that manage your site through their platform, whereas Gorgias charges the same amount no matter the number of users.

  • Gorgias offers in-person training.

If you want to learn more about how to use Gorgias, you can get in-person training from one of their support team agents. HelpScount only has webinars, documentation, and live chat as available resources if you want to learn more about how the platform works. Gorgias has all this plus in-person training. 

  • You need only one app for all platforms.

With HelpScout, you need a different app for live chat messages and another one for social media. Gorgias gives a more seamless experience by extracting all conversations from the different platforms into one place. 

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