In this post I’ve done an unbiased Alidropship review below.

Starting a dropshipping business can be difficult because you need to have a lot of knowledge in order to make it successful.

Dropshipping is a great business model, but it can be difficult to get started without the right tools and knowledge.

AliDropship offers an easy-to-use solution that automates the entire process of setting up and managing your own profitable dropshipping business with AliExpress.

Bottom Line Upfront: AliDropship is a company that offers effective automated solutions for profitable dropshipping business with AliExpress. Their specialists have a lot of experience in software development, marketing, management, and most importantly dropshipping! Start using Alidropship to get the best experience.

Alidropship Review: What Is Alidropship

I know that one is a tough task but trust me as I have experienced the benefits of this plugin so-called AliDropship that really do all the hard work for you.

And if you are not using this amazing plugin then dude! You are wasting your time manually doing all the things here.  I think I should throw some light on this amazing plugin that I experienced earlier.

Here comes the AliDropship plugin is the most powerful plugin for the dropshipping business. Basically, the AliDropship plugin is the only WordPress solution in order to create fully-fledged websites along with bringing you high stable points.

And the best part is that this tool offers a set of features that will really make it easy to get started along with running a successful dropshipping business.

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The best part about this plugin is you can easily import items from AliExpress with just one click. Here all you need to do is just go to and try to find the item you want to list in your store and then simply import it directly to your site in just one click.

And there your product will automatically appear on your site instantly which will include the images along with the descriptions and the variants.

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Founder’s Note For Alidropship Plugin


Dear friends,

We’ve created the AliDropship plugin based on our solid and diversified experience in building and running dropshipping businesses. Every single feature was tested on dozens of our own projects – and polished with the help of dropshippers from all over the world. This hard work and joint research resulted in a product that really drives businesses to success, and we are really proud of it. You are welcome to get the most out of our Aliexpress dropshipping plugin and our customer support: it’s high time to start building your prosperous future.

Sincerely, Yaroslav Nevsky

CEO & Co-Founder

It has numerous sets of features that are required to deliver the functions necessary for growing and building the business. It has been known to build over 5000 sites already and around 4000 people from 100+ countries have already installed this plugin and are content with its working of this plugin.


How Does Alidropship Works?

While working with the dropshipping business, we all need to work a little meticulously as we all encounter various sets of products from AliExpress. Alidropship, as the name suggests, is designed to handle such AliExpress products. While dropshipping with AliExpress, it is very important to browse and select the products very carefully.

There are various things to check for like if the product comes in an e-packet while shipping or not.

Alidropship eliminates all such hassle and is the solution to every operation included in the AliExpress dropshipping. This plugin allows you to expand and grow your business according to your own will at any time. With this Alidropshipping plugin, you are the owner of your own site and can do whatever you wish to with your website.

You will know better about the solution when we will talk about the features provided by it in the next section.

Alidropship Plugin Features:

alidropship Aliexpress plugin


  • It allows all the owners to directly import the products automatically from the AliExpress through the means of just a single click;
  • It also allows the users to import all the product specifications, attributes, descriptions, variations, customer reviews, and many more.
  • This plugin lets the users edit the product descriptions quite easily and also adds new pictures, texts, and videos.
  • The information related to the catalog is present in the store and is always maintained to be up to date as well as relevant. This plugin functions mainly by synchronizing it with the AliExpress in order to get fresh data from the sellers and also functions by updating all the information automatically;
  • It allows the drop shippers to order the products from the sellers directly and automatically, and it eliminates the need to enter all the data manually. The moment a website gets an order, this plugin visits AliExpress and just fills in the entire data by itself automatically. And hence, in order to confirm a purchase all an owner needs to do is click on the “Pay Now” button.
  • It has a custom dropshipping store development feature associated with it which allows the development of the store in a customized manner and format.
  • It is one of the most powerful plugins associated with WordPress.
  • It comes along with personal support which is lifelong as well as free updates associated with it. This feature provides a wide range of high-quality services that will help the business to grow. Alidropshipping provides free personal support to every service.
  • It even has a feature of completely free consultation on “how to use the Alidropshipping”.
  • The key feature of this plugin is the product import feature, which helps in saving a lot of time that is usually wasted in adding products to the store. This feature provides you with all the product details including the images, prices, and descriptions, and then it functions to import it all to your own website. It imports all the above-mentioned things without the need of your doing anything.
  • It comes with over 100 million products to choose from. It does not limit the choice of products and hence, lets you choose from millions and thousands of products.
  • This solution has free delivery to any place in the world.
  • It does not include any extra fees or taxes.
  • It has a very impressive profit margin of up to 2000%.

Differences Between AliDropship & AliDropship Woo?

The AliDropship Original plugin is compatible with any WordPress site that does not use the WooCommerce plugin.

It includes a long list of extra features and tools (including built-in themes, a handy dashboard with the most essential store information, and so on), making it an excellent solution for those with no prior experience. This version of the plugin is only compatible with AliDropship’s shop themes.

The AliDropship Woo plugin will only operate if you have the WooCommerce plugin installed on your website. This version simply does the basic dropshipping duties, but it allows you to customize your store however you want.

You can go from the Original plugin to the Woo version or vice versa without having to buy a new plugin. Please note that if you transition between these plugin versions inside the same website, your store settings will be lost. As a result, you’ll need to reinstall WordPress and begin designing your website from scratch.

If you’re looking for a Woo plugin for AliDropship, I recommend AliDropship Woo.

  • You already know a lot about WooCommerce and have a lot of expertise in this industry.
  • You already have a WooCommerce-based online store, and you need to quickly, efficiently, and painlessly populate it with AliExpress products.

If you want to use AliDropship’s original version, I encourage that you do so. If:

  • You’re taking your initial steps into the world of eCommerce, and you don’t have much experience in the sector;
  • You’re starting from scratch with an internet store;
  • You’re seeking a comprehensive solution that includes all of the key features in one bundle and eliminates the need for you to hunt for them separately.

Because the original AliDropship plugin is incompatible with WooCommerce and the AliDropship Woo plugin, you should carefully analyze all of the features of both plugins before deciding which one to use.

If you decide to use the other version of the plugin, you’ll have to reinstall WordPress and start again with your website. This must be done in order to avoid potential plugin conflicts.

Why You Should Choose the AliDropship Plugin? 

  • Built-In-Themes: Basically it comes with professionally designed themes that you can easily set up, switch and customize. Here all the themes are mainly mobile-friendly along with the highest conversion optimized and stylish design. And trust me it will help you in setting up the online stores.
  • Pricing Automation: Just use an advanced pricing markup formula in order to apply your rules right for the particular products or for all of the items in your store
  • Auto-Updating: Here the auto-updating system will definitely keep your product info fresh and it will easily correspond to the latest data right from AliExpress.
  • WooCommerce Support: The most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin in the market is WooCommerce. Herewith AliDropship plugin just enjoys many varieties of WooCommerce themes along with extensions. You can just use the WooCommerec version of the AliDropship plugin and enjoy its awesome features.
  • Place Order Automatically: Just forget about ordering products manually here. You can easily place all the orders automatically. All you need to do is just click the “Order” button and here confirm orders on AliExpress.
  • All-In-One Solution: As per our experience this plugin really offers great functionality and may advance and helpful tool. Here all of your problems regarding pricing, sales, profit, and the traffic stats along with the orders are available and managed right with a single control panel.
  • Free Updates and Support: When you will buy this plugin all of you will have all the after-sales support along with the lifelong free updates. And you will also get new options and features just for free.

Marketing with AliDropship Plugin:

  • Discount Coupons: Just run sales and promotions just by offering coupon codes that will help your customers save money and bring you more and more sales. And you can also choose whether the coupon discount is in dollars off or a percentage off.
  • Product Reviews: With these features, you can engage customers along with encouraging sales right with the option of importing reviews to your sites easily, directly from AliExpress.
  • SEO Product Tags: Just optimize your product pages right for the search engines with the meta tags, title descriptions, and keywords.
  • Email Lists: Here this plugin will also help you in collecting the emails of your customers but also for the customers who have left your store without leaving their contacts and didn’t make any purchase.
  • Cash-Back System: Just earn up to 12% commission right on each purchase as the added bonus to your dropshipping source of income.

Alidropship Dashboard Features 

Here are the features Alidropship Dashboard:

1. Dashboard Stats Features

Alidropship stores review

2. Order Status

alidropship orders

3. Use direct import features to get products 

Import products alidropship

4. Alidropship product import from Aliexpress

Alidropship product

5. Alidropship product import reviews

alidropship product import reviews

 6. Account settings on Alidropship

alidropship product import features

7. Payment Gateway

8. Shipping settings

alidropshipping worldwide

So here you have your beautiful store created with Alidropship:

kitchen rich alidropshipshipalidropship store ready alidropship store ready

How You Can Import Products From AliDropship:

Go to the Import area and select ‘Import Products’ to begin adding products to your site.

Alidropship review import products

From the dropdown menu, choose a category and a subcategory. You can use keywords in the search bar to find the products you need.

1. Information on the product

Each item in the catalog has thorough information such as variations, product descriptions, shipping choices, and so on.

You’ll see up to 20 customer reviews under the Reviews page, each with a star rating, date, and the customer’s country. (They are not included with the product; they are included for your convenience.) The Import Reviews option should be used to import reviews independently.)

The AliExpress tab contains links to the product and the supplier’s AliExpress site, logistic reliability, and the demand curve (the number of times this product has been ordered in the previous two weeks).

2. Product Lookup

With the Sort by dropdown option, you may sort the search results by popularity, price, and relevancy.

To narrow your options, use some product criteria. Products can be filtered by warehouse, destination country, delivery method, free shipping availability, supplier pricing, and order count. Use the ‘Clear all filters’ button above to remove all selected filters.

3. Import Options

In the left-hand sidebar, you can apply essential import parameters before adding products.

Build categories from the product database – if you don’t choose a category from your site and enable this option, the plugin will create and add the same categories from the database.

Using the entire structure, Creating child categories, and Creating parent categories are the three alternatives.

When you select ‘Use full structure,’ the product will be imported with the database’s whole category structure, such as ‘Smartphones / Phone Cases & Bags / Phone Case.’

‘Create child categories’ means only importing the most specific category (for example, ‘Phone Cases & Bags / Phone Case’).

Importing products with the broadest category (i.e. ‘Smartphones / Phone Cases’) is referred to as ‘creating parent categories.’
This is an example of importing a product that includes the entire database structure.

choosing Categories for products

Remove item specifications – select this option if you don’t want product attributes such as brand name, material, style, and item type to be imported.

Publish products – If you enable this option, the products you import will be published immediately. Otherwise, the items will appear first in your import list, which you can then publish later.

To import products, choose a category. Using the Import button, you can import products one by one. Tick the boxes or choose everything and click the ‘Import selected’ button to import multiple products at once. The button displays the number of products that have been selected for import.

4. Re-import

Your import balance will not be restored if you imported a product and subsequently deleted it. You can, however, re-import this product using the Re-import button. Your import balance will not be affected.

Reimport products on Alidropship
Keep in mind that if you delete a product from your site but keep it in Trash, the Imported button will become inactive. This product will have an active Re-import button after you delete it from both the site and the trash.

Keep in mind that if you erase your WordPress database on your hosting, you will lose access to the Re-import button, and any previously imported products will only have the Import option.

NOTE: The AliDropship plugin comes in two characters: Original and Woo. If you constructed your store with AliDropship original and imported products from the AliDropship database before switching to AliDropship Woo + WooCommerce, all of your imported products will not work with the new scheme.

You’ll have to delete and reimport the products. When you switch from AliDropship Woo to the original one, the same thing happens. Remember that you’ll need to rebuild your site and reimport your products.

5. History of Imports

The Imports History feature was created to assist you in rapidly viewing all of your previously imported products from the database. Furthermore, you may simply locate and re-import products that you deleted from your site using the Re-import option.

This area includes a list of all products imported from the database to your store, as well as the date and time of their import. You can view how many imports you’ve made and how many products are no longer available on AliExpress in this section.

Some products may vanish from AliExpress from time to time because their listing deadline has passed or the supplier has broken the listing policy in some way.

Such things can happen to dropshipping stores if a product is removed from AliExpress and hence from the database, and thus of your site. This is why the Alidropship plugin adds supplemental imports to each imported package, allowing you to replace the missing product with something new.

They don’t compensate for the imports spent on these products; this is a common risk in the dropshipping industry, and bonus imports should cover any potential losses.

The grey Imported button on your site’s items is now inactive. The green Re-import button appears on products that were imported and then deleted from your site.

6. Add Imports

Enter your Package Code in alidropship

The first 50 imports are completely free. Go to the Get More Imports section if you need more products. Select and place an order for an appropriate importing package. You will receive an email message with your package code once you have purchased the package. Copy the code and go to Import Products => Add Imports to activate it.

Click Activate after pasting the package code into the ‘Enter your package code’ form. Product imports will be applied to your balance as soon as you submit your package code.

Keep in mind that each package code is tied to the licensing of the site on which it was activated. As a result, you can’t split an import package across multiple domains.

7. Images of The Products

It’s worth noting that when you import products from the AliDropship database (rather than directly from AliExpress), there’s no way to get only product picture links and leave the photos on AliExpress.

Your hosting server will save all product photos. The average size of a product upload for ten items ranges from 3MB to 100MB, depending on the amount and quality of photographs.

If you plan on importing a large number of edited products from the AliDropship database, keep in mind that your hosting server must have sufficient disc space.

If images are missing from goods imported from the integrated database, this indicates that the image upload process has been halted. Please try to delete such products (and make sure they’re also deleted from Trash) and re-import them using the Re-import button.

Wait until: 1) the progress bar in each product is full and green; 2) the green active Re-import button transforms into a grey inactive Imported button, and 3) the message indicating that importing is complete shows. Please wait until all of the products have been re-imported before leaving or reloading the page.

Alidropship Hosting Pricing:

Alidropship hosting discount coupon

Your ideal hosting solution for WordPress-based dropshipping websites

  • Perfectly optimized for the AliDropship plugin
  • High performance and fast site loading speeds
  • 24/7 support and free website setup
  • Easy to manage cPanel
  • Free SSL certificate included

Alidropship Pricing:

Alidropship pricing


Coupon: BID25 to save10%  on Every product of Alidropship

Alidropship Testimonials & Customer Reviews:

ALidropship WordPress plugin for dropshipping Alidropship best dropshipping plugin for Aliexpress

Kyle W.

Founder of Toys Store

Tatiana and her team at AliDropship did an amazing job designing my website. The entire experience was enjoyable and stress-free. Their collaboration tool provided a real-time view of their progress and enabled us to communicate promptly and effectively.

Otto K.

Founder of Anime Store

A while ago I was looking for ideas to create an income on my own and found different threads talking about dropshipping stores using AliExpress as a supplier.
I started my first store in August and another one this month, and I made a profit already in the first month. The money is not big (yet), which is logical due to the time I’ve been live with these (as with every e-commerce store), but I see a future in this. For example, this month I am able to pay my rent with the profit. I think using Ali is the cheapest and easiest way to start an online business. That’s my five cents.

Maria F.

Founder of Stay cos Play

I am so glad I was advised to use Alidropship. Making my own website seemed too complicated before, but thanks to helping of the support and development team my website now looks much more professional than before. I highly recommend this service to everyone who is just starting because the system is simple and easy. If you have a bit of basic knowledge, it is not hard at all to create a productive online store. All you will need is to choose a good niche. It is not true what some people say that the use of plugins is bad for SEO. I started using AliDropship Plugin and I am really impressed. I even managed to make a few sales in my first week following the tutorials. I am sure I will combine it with the Social Rabbit plugin as soon as possible.

alidropship success stories

Alidropship WordPress-based plugin for AliExpress products is one of the best-known WordPress plugins for the purpose of dropshipping. It has all the essential services required to build up a better business at a greater scale. Each and every feature of this plugin helps the users to expand their business and profit more from it.

It is also known as the most powerful WordPress plugin ever. It comes with the most efficient and relevant strategies to make the business work.

This plugin is ideal for both the newbie business persons as well as the experts of multi-million turnovers. It creates a specialized and unique dropshipping store for its users based on your own personal requirements and specifications. It provides you with the authority of 100% ownership of your website.

It allows you to produce your own professional Aliexpress dropshipping stores quite easily. This plugin provides you with everything and all the features that are necessary to grow and expand the business in order to get more profit out of it.

It takes you to a very impressive and high margin of profit, which is very rare in any other such plugin so far. All of the products that you will deal with will help you to extract more and more potential for this type of business.

Alidropshipping provides you with a high level of services and features. In my opinion, it is the best and the most powerful plugin known so far. The cherry on the cake is the free delivery to various and every part of the world.

The above-mentioned features will make you clearer about the workings of this software and will help you choose it. It is an amazing plugin at a one-time price of $89 and should be used more by business owners all over the globe.

Alidropship Plugin Pros & Cons:


  • You can create a professional-looking store quickly and easily
  • No need to worry about inventory or storage space
  • Access to millions of products from AliExpress
  • Drop shipping allows you to start an online business with very little upfront investment


  • You will need to put in some work to find high-quality products and suppliers
  • AliExpress can be slow to deliver orders
  • You may need to deal with customer service issues from time to time
  • There is always the risk

FAQs On AliDropship Review:

?What is AliDropship?

Alidropship, as the name suggests, is the one-stop solution to all your problems regarding the dropshipping. This WordPress based solution is designed especially for all the AliExpress based businesses.

?How does AliDropship work?

Alidropship is the solution to every operation included in the AliExpress dropshipping. This plugin allows you to expand and grow your business according to your own will at any time.

Is AliDropship more advantageous than Shopify?

Though AliDropship is a popular dropshipping platform with stable dropshipping features, it pales compared to Shopify. Unlike AliDropship, which is restricted to dropshipping on AliExpress, Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform that enables you to operate an eCommerce enterprise.

Is AliDropship a part of Alibaba?

This revolutionary new tool enables entrepreneurs to quickly and easily build AliExpress dropship websites and import many retailer brands. AliDropship Company has introduced a new method for AliExpress dropshipping. AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, which operates the world’s largest procurement website.

Is AliDropship worth it?

AliDropship is the most feature-rich and cost-effective WordPress dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce. You really cannot go wrong with its very reasonable pricing.

Is it possible to earn money with AliDropship?

Yes, AliDropship may be very lucrative. It’s mostly a matter of how lucrative dropshipping is in general, as AliDropship simplifies and expedites the process of locating and selling highly profitable goods.

Is Shopify compatible with AliDropship?

Indeed, it does. Whatever your level of eCommerce expertise, AliDropship App for Shopify provides all you need to get started immediately with an excellent dropshipping business: Import any AliExpress product with a single click.

Is it possible for me to dropship from AliExpress to Shopify?

You certainly will. There are no initial costs or fees associated with dropshipping from AliExpress, which allows you to try goods without making a financial commitment. With the Oberlo app for Shopify, you can quickly search, import, and sell AliExpress items in your store.

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Conclusion: AliDropship Review 2023

Basically, if we talk about the AliDropship Plugin then it is really one of the reliable dropshipping plugins that will really automate the process and help you get sales conversions. AliDropship Plugin is a legitimate product that provides extraordinary features that will help you in managing your dropshipping business in a super-easy way.

This one is the plugin that can be easily integrated right with the WordPress store and here it will automate the process in a super-easy way the best part is that it will definitely save your time and effort.

AliDropship plugin has really become too popular since its inception and it is gaining popularity exponentially it is quite popular among all the drop shippers.  Trust us here I have used this amazing and it really provides us more convenience and it also automates the dropshipping business.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to tell us about your view on AliDropship Plugin right in the comment section. Share this post on all trending social media platforms.

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