Do you own an online store and are planning to list your products on Amazon?

Are you selling products on Amazon without owning an e-commerce website?

Today, sellers and companies are targeting Amazon to distribute more sales and gain higher profits by selling on the website. So, if you already sell your products on Amazon or have plans to do so, it is always a smart move to re-evaluate your business strategy and assess and understand how to boost your Amazon product listings and ultimately increase your sales and revenue.

Bottom Line Upfront: Sellerly is a tool purely dedicated for Amazon sellers and it is made by Semrush. With its split testing feature, Amazon seller can increase their conversions. You can run as many split tests as you want, until you perfect your listing of Amazon products. You also get tools like listing protection, listing quality check, and traffic insights. Start using Sellerly to scale up sales.

So, as an Amazon seller, to make this work effectively, you should always be searching for solutions that allow you to perform A/B testing of Amazon listings along with tools like listing protections, traffic insights, and listing quality check, so that you can easily understand and find out which of the elements perform well and are appreciated by your clients.

Looking for the perfect Amazon tool?

If you have been searching for a tool that allows you to do all the above-mentioned stuff, then you will need a strong and efficient tool that allows you to bring your A-game to the platform when selling on Amazon.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of Sellerly’, a tool designed to help you monitor, audit, and improve your Amazon listings, get you access to external traffic insights, and let you carry out split testing for your brand’s products.

Through this guide, you will get to know about all the useful features, so that you can decide whether this is the right tool for you and whether you should invest in this tool or not!

About Sellerly Review: In A Nutshell

Sellerly is a powerful marketing and sales machine built by Semrush that provides several key tools and features designed to help Amazon’s growth-oriented sellers to improve their performance by using listing audits, split testing, and traffic analysis and suggestions.

Sellerly is probably the perfect toolkit for Amazon’s US marketplace sellers and merchants (businesses operating on, searching for reliable ways to increase their efficiency and boost their Amazon sales.