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Some may argue that the sales rank that Amazon generates is not an accurate picture of your standing in the marketplace. These ranks are supposed to give you a view of the product’s popularity. These ranks have been generated at a specific time and are not dynamic. Thus the demand for any particular book may be shown to be higher than it is.

Bottom Line Upfront: TruRank is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your Amazon sales rank and the data related to Amazon sales rank. The TruRank tool covers product research, eBay listing, email automation, and more.  TruRank Displays Historical Sales Rank Data Directly On Amazon. Get Started With TruRank NOW.

Misleading data can affect sellers and buyers alike. Seeing inflated popularity for your listed book may lead to sellers who order online to stock more extensive inventories. For the seller, this means that the investment shall not have a quick turnover rate. Conversely for the buyer, this may result in an impulse buy without proper analysis of their requirements.

Since data based on rankings and online popularity are essential in e-commerce, the wrong rankings may cause the sellers to make uninformed business decisions. Sellers may set the price of an unpopular item too high, and they will not be able to sell the product soon. Alternatively, if you take the rankings of the product when the popularity is low, then the seller may under-price their books and end up making a loss. To grasp the complete picture, let’s have a closer look at Amazon’s sales rank.

TruRank Review: In A Nutshell ( Best Amazon Sales Rank Tool )

TruRank assists you by showing you the data that is the most important to you and your decision making. This tool helps by analyzing year-long sales data to show you how many times a particular product is purchased.

TruRank is a powerful tool that helps you optimize your Amazon sales rank and the data related to Amazon sales rank. This is one of the best Amazon sales rank tools available in the market which offers various features. 

What is Amazon sales rank?

Amazon sales rank refers to the comparison between similar products of different brands which shows you a picture of how your product is doing on Amazon. It is a crucial matrix that every business needs. You can use Amazon’s sales rank to keep track over its performance and that of its competitors. 

Amazon sales rank is the determinant of which product will be shown at the top of the search results. It is worth noting that Amazon sales rank will consider every product that belongs to the same category of the products for which the search is done. It is natural to assume that the sales rank might go up to in Millions.

TruRank - Above The Offers

Because the competition in the Amazon marketplace is cut-throat, every business needs to keep track of sales rank. Otherwise, a brand might end up falling to lower ranks because of which the visibility of your products to buyers will reduce significantly. To understand more about the importance of Amazon sales rank, have a look below.

What is the importance of Amazon sales rank?

Amazon sales rank is an essential indicator of how well your product is doing on this huge platform. To understand the importance of Amazon Sales Rank, let’s look at these points.

  • Compare to your competitors.

Amazon sales rank helps you compare your products and performance against other sellers in the market. It is essential to compare with your competitors. It is because of their sales and different business strategies have a direct impact on the performance of your products in the Amazon marketplace.

Consider that you are a women’s lipgloss seller. Many sellers in the market sell a similar product. While you are confident in your product, you decide on a particular price for your product without considering much. However, your competitors are smart, and they conduct the analysis for your products and come out with a better pricing strategy.

TruRank Amazon Sales Rank

Since you are not analyzing Amazon’s sales rank, you will never find out why your sales are reducing or getting bad reviews. This is what makes it essential that you conduct a competitive analysis.

  • Understand your standing in the Amazon marketplace

It is essential to know the actual standing of your product in the market to understand the bigger picture. You might have to spend huge money on developing your product, but in the end, you don’t even know how good your product is.

There is simply no point to this situation. Amazon Sales Rank makes sure that you understand the exact position of your product in the market. By providing you with a clear picture of the marketplace, Amazon Sales Rank allows you to think over and decide on important things.

  • Understand historical trends to formulate future policies

Past historical data and trends are essential factors to decide on business objectives and policies. A business goal based on conscience and guesswork can only take you so far. With the help of Amazon Sales ranking, you can make seasonal predictions and efficiently formulate business policies.

When you are looking forward to entering a new domain or launching a new product, your Amazon sales rank can help you discover top products in the market. You can utilize this newfound information to research and develop your product and form marketing strategies.

How to increase sales rank on Amazon?

If you want to improve your Amazon sales rank, you follow some various techniques like

  • Product Title Optimization

Make sure to Title your product using all the relevant and smart keywords. The usage of keywords will make sure that your product features on the list when someone searches for a similar product.

Additionally, do not forget to mention essential details in the most concise manner which will help to improve the end-user experience.

  • Competitive Pricing Policy

When your product is priced too low, Amazon’s algorithm will think that you are selling a substandard product. When the price of your product is too high, Amazon will be forced to believe that you are asking too much. Under any of these two circumstances, the chances of you featuring in the top ranks are negligible.

That is why you must have competitive prices for your product for Amazon to consider you worth featuring at the top.

  • Optimum Product Description

Consumers of the day don’t have much time to waste. They don’t want to waste time searching for products. So, this is important that you have listed your product details efficiently in the product description section.

TruRank First Tool to Publish

  • Highlight Important Features

Use pointers and visual aids to highlight the essential features of your products. These highlighted features will make your product stand out and increase your chances of obtaining a higher rank.

  • Use High-Quality Visual Aids

Visual aids, like high-quality images help in grabbing immediate attention. Visual aids play a pivotal role in helping you convince your customers.

Most of the consumers prefer to go through the FAQs before they place their orders. They want to understand the problems which they might face and the features that they are getting, So, make sure that you cover all the critical points in your FAQs on the Amazon sellers page.

  • Give Regular Offers and Giveaways

These are some of the points which Amazon considers along with the actual sales quantity. You can optimize these aspects, which will help you improve your sales rank on the Amazon pages.

How does Amazon calculate sales rank?

Suppose you are a seller who has an interest in Amazon Sales Rank. The most common question that will eventually come to your mind is how does Amazon calculates the Sales Rank. Amazon invests a lot in research and development and regularly updates its algorithms. However, Amazon primarily makes use of its A9 algorithm for this purpose.

TruRank Reviews - Watch Rank

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm is a tool which supports a two-step process for ranking search results on Amazon. Here is a quick overview of these two steps.

A9 algorithm populates the relevant data from Amazon’s database to list them in the search results.

  • Ranking products based on relevance

After the relevant data is populated on to the search results, the next step that A9 software does is to rank them. A9 algorithm ranks the products based on their relevance. This relevance can be decided based on market trends or various filters that the customer has chosen.

What are the key features of the A9 algorithm?

To understand how Amazon calculates the sales ranks, it’s important that we look at some of the key elements of the A9 algorithm. A9 Algorithm uses three factors to rank the products on Amazon Search results.

  • The relevance of the Products

A9 will only display your products higher in the search results if it thinks that your product is relevant to the search results. The use of the right keywords and mentioning appropriate information can help you improve your relevance in front of the A9 algorithm. After you establish your relevance, A9 will boost up your sales rank.

Conversion Rate is another crucial factor that Amazon’s A9 considers when he sets the ranks on the search pages. A9 weighs the conversions that your products made from the visitors that your product’s landing page gets. Price, quality of the images, and review of the customers can help you improve your conversion rate.

  • Overall customer satisfaction

Better quality of products, competitive prices, and good customer service can help improve customer satisfaction. Excellent customer satisfaction doesn’t only help in enhancing the sales rank on Amazon searches but also drives sales.

After you understand the impact of these features of the A9 algorithm, you can understand how Amazon decides on the Sales Rank. A businessman can work on all these functions by himself, but this is only possible when you have a small portfolio. When the number of products in your portfolio goes over three, this process will become time-consuming. This complication in using and analyzing the sales rank is where the Amazon sales rank tool comes into play. 

What is an Amazon Sales Rank Tool?

Considering that Amazon’s sales rank has complicated and essential implications for your product, you must give significant consideration to it. Since things can become difficult when the number of products in your company’s portfolio is substantial, the need for automated software arises.

Amazon sales rank tool is one such software that helps you decipher Amazon sales rank by providing you with meaningful insights. This software calculates averages, highlights actionable points, provides meaningful insights, and does a lot more for you.

Key features and benefits of Amazon Sales Rank Tool — TruRank

TruRank provides an easy and quick solution to help deal with this issue effectively for both buyers and sellers. The three-pronged approach aims to give you the best method to help deal with the ranking issue. 

  • Supports multiple browsers

As you can use TruRank in association with most browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., TruRank is very handy and helpful. You do not need to switch your browser anymore. This switching of browsers can be somewhat difficult when you are a big company who will have to reconfigure several systems to make this tool accessible to all. 

You can also choose where you want to display the data on the page.TruRank provides you with an option to display the sales rank data at four different places within the page. These places provide you with more functionality when you are trying to compare your products with other similar products. TruRank comes especially handy when you are trying to formulate business strategies. These four chosen places are –

TruRank allows you to place your sales rank data right around the Amazon search results so that you can make quick comparisons without having to switch tabs. This placement option of data makes things easy and saves a lot of time. 


  • Above the section where offers are displayed

You can choose to place your data right above the offers on Amazon. This placement option has high functionality because you can directly compare the impact of different offers on the sales rank and vice versa.

TruRank-A-tool-that-enhances - Above Section

  • At the product page’s top

When the data is about the product, product-related sales rank, and other data must show near the product pages and TruRank allows you to do exactly that.

TruRank-A-tool-that-enhances- Product Pages

  • At the bottom of Amazon’s product details page

Product details, as we have discussed above, is a key component for Amazon’s A9 algorithm to decide on the sales rank of the products. Considering this importance of product description, TruRank allows you to display the sales rank related data below Amazon’s product details.

TruRank-A-tool-that-enhances- Product Details

TruRank can display a year-long average data for a library of over 20 million books. This extended historical data helps to give a real ranking for your chosen product.

TruRank can help you calculate the real-time sales rank for almost every item available on the Amazon Marketplace. Most of the other software does not use real-time stats and provide reports based on ancient data.


  • Understand market dynamics

TruRank also helps you to understand what is the change in product demand over time, as it also displays the average sales rank for the product, in the same month of the previous year. This data is essential to understand the changes in demand for seasonal books, new publications and educational books.

TruRank-Amazon- Stats

The TruRank tool is quick and easy to install. TruRank comes in the form of a plugin that you can easily install in no time. The developers of the TruRank software have given special consideration to improving the overall customer experience.

  • Supports multiple browsers

TruRank tool supports various browsers covering all the major brands. So, no matter which web browser you prefer to use, this is very likely that TruRank supports it.

TruRank has a very easy to use and super friendly user interface. You will become a pro in this software in absolutely no time. In case there are any challenges that you face at any point in time, customer support is always there to help you.

This powerful software comes with seven days of free trial. There are simply no commitments, hidden costs, or any sort of other risks. You can avail of this feature at any time and cancel in between if you feel that the utility that TruRank provides is not good enough. A free trial is also crucial because there is a substantial amount of money involved. Nobody likes an unfortunate investment, and you don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes down to TruRank.

There are many software in the market which provide similar yet very different services than TruRank. However, TruRank got everybody beat with its very affordable pricing and benefits per cost that it provides. TruRank is very cost-effective and will help you in numerous different ways.

TruRank vs Keepa

There was a time when the sales rank was nothing more than a list that ranked different sellers of similar commodities. There was no utility to it. A seller was merely a spectator of the rankings.


However, with the development of different average sales ranking software like TruRank and Keepa, things have changed. Amazon Sales Rank has also become useful in terms of insights it provides and the strategies and plans that it can help formulate.

Before we proceed ahead, let’s look at the differences between Keepa and TruCart, which are two big players amongst these softwares.

Keepa is an app that also helps you to analyze the real demand of your product by analyzing the historical sales data of all the products available on the Amazon marketplace. But unlike TruRank, Keepa provides a different range of services.

Keepa has multiple services targeted at consumers. It allows you to make the most of your shopping budget. The app enables consumers to import their wish list from Amazon and then analyze the availability of the products and the deals available on them. Keepa will help compare product prices, alert you to deals and offers on products that you choose.

  • Historical data and reports

The main point of difference between Keepa and TruRank is the problem that the main objective of obtaining historical sales data is a paid affair at Keepa. 

  • Quality of reports and data generated

While both of these softwares provide detailed and insightful data and reports, it is comparatively difficult to comprehend and make use of these reports by Keepa. TruRank reports are easily understandable and ready for use. 

As mentioned earlier, TruRank helps by displaying all the relevant data directly on the product’s page and highlighting it. Keepa, on the other hand, provides shopping assistance by helping with deals and offers. But the primary data that you receive is complicated to fathom.

TruRank comes on top over almost every other Amazon Sales Rank Software, including Keepa when we compare the cost. TruRank costs nearly half the price of Keepa, which makes it quite affordable.

While both of these software offers a free trial period for their subscribers to get an overview of the services, the main features of Keepa are only accessible after you pay the subscription fees. However, TruRank provides you with complete access to all its features during the trial period. This total access to the whole range of features makes TruRank one of the most popular Amazon Sales Rank software.

TruRank Pricing | How Much Does TruRank Costs?

When you are deciding on the right software for ascertaining average sale ranking on Amazon and other related functions, an important thing to keep in mind is the pricing of this software.

TruRank - Pricing

TruRank is known to be one of the most cost-effective and affordable tools for Amazon’s sales ranking. Here are some key points relating to the pricing of TruRank.

  • The cost per year for TruRank is $97, which comes after a whopping discount of $33 from the original price. You’ll have to make a single payment for the yearly subscription.
  • The cost per month for acquiring the services of TruRank is $9.99 per month.
  • TruRank offers a free 14 days trial before the subscription begins. Of course, you can cancel at any point in time.

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Conclusion: TruRank Review 2022 Is It Really Good Amazon Sales Rank Tool?

To remain in this challenging marketplace known as Amazon, a seller must use every tool that is available to him. One such significant tool is the Amazon Sales Rank Tool.

So, if you are a seller who wants to grow and fair in this cut-throat competition, you must consider subscribing to one. There are multiple options available for you to choose from. All these options have their benefits and features that you can use for your business.

However, it is most significant that you compare your requirements with the benefits and features that the sales rank tools offer. This comparison will allow you to comprehend which of the available tools is appropriate for you and your business.

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