The print-on-demand business is a booming industry and this number is increasing day by day with the introduction of the print on demand apps. These POD apps ease your work and make the business fully automates so that you don’t have to worry about storage and shipping.

With the increase in a number of POD apps, it is now hard to choose the best app for you which will profit you at a larger scale. In my opinion, a perfect POD app is the one that offers affordable rates as well as a variety of options.

There are a lot of other factors for a POD app to work successfully. Custom Cat is one of the best POD apps for Shopify that I have found recently. It has over a collection of 300 apparel at reasonable pricing and the best designs.

I have shared a detailed CustomCat Review Print-On-demand fulfillment store. I will be sharing the goods and bads of this app and why it is recommended.

Bottom Line: Custom Cat is one of the best print-on-demand app from dropshipping marketers. It has a lot of features like high quality images, embroidery, create coupon and many more which can help you in growing your business. Start your 14 day free trial today on Custom Cat.

Custom Cat Review 2022: Best POD App For Dropshippers

Custom Cat is a fulfillment app for Shopify that delivers the apparels directly to the customers. It is one of the most trusted POD platforms in the industry.

With latest and most robust technologies, the company offers over 550 variety of apparels, mugs, cell phone covers, mugs, and various other products.

Benefits Of Custom Cat

Custom Cat uses high-quality images as well as delivers the products within 2-3 days. Let’s have a look at the features it gives:

  • High-Quality Images: Custom Cat uses high-quality images on the products so that they look clear. The dlp printers give HD prints and all the colors clearly and sharply.
  • Embroidery: You can order the embroidery on your products such as polos or caps or any apparel on-demand.
  • Create Coupons: Create customized coupon codes for attracting more customers and get more leads.
  • Buyer Data: What’s even more amazing is that it tracks the sales for you and keep you in touch with your buyers. The company uses the buyer’s data and creates an email list with it. It also creates an email list for the different types of audiences.
  • Immediate Payments: They create immediate payouts for the PayPal. Once you have received the payment, it will be credited to your PayPal account within 10 minutes.
  • Mail Integration: It integrates well with the mail server so that it can deliver it to your mail list and create the one.
  • Split Testing: Test your campaigns by using different texts, color, sizes, and images. Use the customization tools to edit and test the campaigns.
  • Sales Conversion Tracking: Track your conversion rate using the pixels by Custom Cat. You can track and know which design works well. The tool also offers the retargeting and remarketing campaigns for its customers.
  • Sub-Users: I would recommend Custom Cat because of its flexibility. You can use multiple users at a time. Also, as an admin, you can assign the roles to your teammates for a specific task.

Custom Cat Products

The product catalog for the Custom Cat is enormous and wide. It has got the products of all kinds and includes products such as accessories, clothing, cell phone cover, etc.

The product catalog is divided into different sections; Men’s, Women’s, Babies and Youths, Accessories, Drinkware and Hats. The prices of these products are not too high.

 Custom Cat Review- Product Catalog

The products can then be filtered by using different filters. It uses various Decoration methods.

 Custom Cat Review- Product Descriptions

The products can be designed using the decoration methods such as:

  • Direct to Garment: Your product is delivered directly to the customers as a garment. In this type of decoration method, the garments are plain with no prints and designs.
  • Sublimation: Sublimation is the process of applying dye or prints to the fabric using heat. The image is first placed on a paper and then applied to the fabric so that the image is printed on the cloth. Custom Cat decorates your products with the sublimation process of dying so that it becomes permanent.
  • Embroidery: The embroidered materials are also available on the Custom Cat store. It is present extensively on the store and you can choose the kind of embroidery you are willing to have.

Create different sections and sort out the products on the basis of gender. You can add it to your store and start selling.

The products that are available on the Custom Cat store are:

 Custom Cat Review- Products Categories

  • T-Shirts
  • SweatShirts
  • Hats
  • Jerseys
  • Warm-Ups
  • Casual Woven Shirts
  • Pants
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Tablet Covers
  • Laptop Sleeves
  • Pet Accessories
  • Phone cases
  • Hairbrush
  • Jewellery
  • Home Décor
  • Shoes
  • Bib

So, you see the list of products that it offers!!

Not just the wide variety of products, it sells the best brands in the industry.

 Custom Cat Review- Products Brands Available

  • Adidas Golf
  • Alternative
  • Anvil
  • Bella+ Canvas
  • Boxercraft
  • Canvas
  • CornerStone
  • Delta

The full list of brands available on Custom Cat is available in the Catalog page.

How Does Custom Cat Work?

The Custom Cat acts much like a plugin and it is installed on various marketplaces so that it becomes easy to manage.

It integrates and is installed on two of the most popular E-Com platforms; Shopify and WooCommerce.

The integration of both Shopify, as well as the WooCommerce, works the same way and it is installed within minutes.

  1. Sign Up for the CustomCat and you will be asked to integrate your Shopify store to the CustomCat.
  2. Log into your Shopify Store and you will be asked to choose a pricing plan for your store. Choose a suitable plan that suits your needs.
  3. In the dashboard, the account status will be shown as ‘Inactive’. Go to the Settings and Fill in all the details which include the personal information, fill up the payment methods such as the credit card information or PayPal credentials. Once you have filled out your shipping details, your account will be active.
  4. Go the Design Tab in the Dashboard and choose the design library. In the Design library, there are scads of designs in the library. You can upload your design in the store and edit it. You can get it on your products.
  5. After uploading the design, choose the product on which you want to add the design too. You can add colors and make customizations.
  6. After that, choose a printing technology that you want to use for and choose the place where you want the print.
  7. Test if it will look good on the product. Place the design on the place you desire and change the colours or design if you wish to. Finally, add the product to your Shopify store and they are ready to go live.

When a product is ordered, the Custom Cat takes care of the printing as well as the logistics and shipping. It sends the tracking code directly to the customer’s email.

In the same way, you can integrate and sell with the WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with CustomCat and you can use the Custom Cat to sell products. It decorates the product using the art file uploaded and sends the customer’s information via WooCommerce’s API.

  1. Connect the Custom Cat store to your WooCommerce store. Make sure that the WooCommerce store you connect is upgraded.
  2. In your WooCommerce Dashboard, enable the rest API in the settings.
  3. Change the permalink in the settings and remove it from the default. WooComerce will not integrate if you have set the permalink as the plain.
  4. Enter the Store Name and enter the WordPress site. Connect it with your Custom cat account.

Custom Cat Pricing

The pricing for the Custom Cat is the most affordable one in the POD industry. Firstly, it costs nothing with WooCommerce. If you are using it on Shopify, then it has got two plans to choose from.

The first plan is a free trial and you can start your business with this free trial.

The second plan would cost you just $30 with a 14-day free trial. Create high margins by selling the products at a lower price. It is mostly recommended by the high volume seller.

 Custom Cat Review- Pricing

The products aren’t too high at the pricing too. I have found the most affordable products here as compared to Printify and print aura.

The products that are available for the affordable rates are:

  • Unisex T-Shirt: $6.00
  • 11 oz Mug: $3.50
  • 15 oz Mug: $4.00
  • Hoodie: $18.50
  • SweatShirt: $12.50
  • Polos: $18.89
  • Casual Woven Shirts: $18.89
  • Snapback Hat: $13.64
  • Baseball Cap: $11.22

The full list of the product catalog is here.


CustomCat Vs. Printful

Now, let compare CustomCat with Printful and see which ones come out to be our winner. In the below table we have compared all the main features offered by both of these competing POD fulfillment apps. Let’s see if CustomCat is better than Printful or not.


Custom Cat  Printful




Customer Service


Good but not best

Print Quality






Ease of Use

Easy to use

Easy to use

Positive Reviews A good amount of positive reviews Plenty of positive reviews on the web

Although Printful has more positive reviews as compared to Custom Cat, Customer Cat offers a better value when we talk about the number of integrations and pricing. So, for me, CustomCat would be the choice here. What do you think?

Custom Cat Reviews From Customers

Customcat reviews from customers

Customcat product reviews Customers Reviews for Custom Cat


Custom Cat Shipping

Though it is a bit expensive it takes fewer days to deliver. The first product can be shipped at $3.99 where later it charges $1.50 for each product in the US.

The international shipping outside the US costs $7.95 and later the additional items cost $5.95 for the shipping.

It takes 2-3 days to produce and start shipping. Then the standard shipping takes place which takes 1-7 days in the US and 4-15 days to reach outside the US.

Pros and Cons of CustomCat


  • 500+ Products
  • Affordable Pricing
  • High-Quality Printing technologies
  • Different methods of Printing and Embroidery
  • Dump your order and get it to the system using the CSV
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • Shipping takes long
  • Lack of some feature

Custom Cat FAQs

? What is Custom Cat?

Custom Cat is a fulfillment app for Shopify that delivers the apparels directly to the customers. It is one of the most trusted POD platforms in the industry.

? How does Custom Cat Work?

Basically, the working of Custom Cat is very simple and straightforward. You can select the products that you wanted to get Print On Demand and give them your address all done! Wanna know detailed working, Check out our Custom cat Review here.

✅ Does Custom Cat Offer Free Trial?

Yes! Custom Cat offers free trial and you can sign-up for your 14-days Free Trial of Custom cat. Other than that you can try their paid plans as they have affordable pricing options.

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Conclusion: Is Custom Cat The Best Print-On-Demand App? CustomCat Reviews 2022

Custom Cat is not the best but it comes worthy when it comes to pricing most importantly. It has all the basic features that a POD app must-have.

Its high-quality printing and great color choices, as well as the extensive customer support, are the big plus. I would recommend using the Custom Cat if you want an intuitive and affordable POD solution for your business.

Out of a number of POD apps for Shopify, Custom Cat stands strong. This was my detailed review of Custom Cat and I hope you would love to share it with your friends and social media.


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