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Teikametrics is an eCommerce manager that aids in the growth of a business on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

Amazon sellers can use Jungle Scout, a web-based suite of tools. The Amazon Product Database aids in the discovery of profitable items to sell.

Ease of Use

Teikametrics can help you gain a better understanding of your business. Teikametrics is user-friendly.

It is very user friendly according to its users and the tools provided by Jungle Scout has better accuracy in finding the right products.

Value For Money

It is an expensive than Jungle Scout. But it is totally worth of money.

Jungle Scout is totally worth every penny because of its capability to boost sales of their customers.

Customer Support

Teikametrics is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

24/7 customer support.

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Are you looking for an unbiased comparison between Teikametrics Vs Jungle Scout? I’ve got you covered.

Successful Amazon sellers used to have to do their own product research, which may be time-consuming and stressful.

To sell your product, you also had to undertake a lot of keyword research and market research. However, this was the most effective method of locating and selling successful products.

In my opinion, the best Amazon product research tool available, especially if you’re serious about expanding your FBA business, is Jungle Scout.

There’s a reason why it’s compared to other research tools rather than vice versa.

However, it’s not the only tool out there, and more tools that compete for head-on with Jungle Scout in a battle to be the best tool for Amazon sellers.

One such tool is Teikametrics, a fresh tool that is making heads turn with its powerful and cost-effective features that help Amazon businesses up their selling game on the world’s most competitive online marketplace.

So, in this post, we will take you through a comprehensive comparison between Teikametrics and Jungle Scout to give you a clear picture of how the two tools match up against one another and which one do we recommend in the end!

Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout 2022: In-Depth Comparison

Profitability is a long-term game that requires a lot of patience. However, in the short run, speed and power triumph.

That’s the whole point of tools like Jungle Scout and Teikametrics, which are both designed to save you time in the short term while also positioning you for long-term success.

About Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an eCommerce manager that aids in the growth of a business on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

It has some fantastic features, as well as an impressive international reach. It helps businesses succeed on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout Teikametrics Flywheel

They specialize in price optimization, inventory management, and advertising operations for merchants.

They put forth a lot of effort, no matter how big or small the task is.

This platform has considerably more features than any other platform since it uses special Algorithmic bid Optimization and calculates product-level profitability.

About Jungle Scout

Amazon sellers can use Jungle Scout, a web-based suite of tools. The Amazon Product Database aids in the discovery of profitable items to sell.

Sales, product size, and amount of reviews can all be used to refine searches. Pricing, inventory, and profit margins are all monitored via the Product Tracker.

Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout Jungle Scout-Overview

It’s an Amazon research tool that allows you to uncover winning goods, forecast sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors all from one simple dashboard.

It immediately tells you which products are the most profitable and easiest to expand your business with.

Bottomline: With its clear, easy-to-use FBA dashboards, infinite Teikametrics sponsored product support, and a visible rise in sales, it’s a terrific tool for any Amazon business. Everyone wants to make more money, but this tool can truly assist you in increasing your Amazon sales. Because the program is so simple to use, even novices can manage their own campaigns to get the most out of them. It’s absolutely something to think about if you’re a company or an individual trying to handle your own web marketing initiatives

Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout: Key Features

Teikametrics is a relatively new and competitive product, but Jungle Scout has been in the industry for quite some time.

Both of these solutions have been designed with the goal of assisting Amazon sellers in growing their companies.

Let’s look at some of the most important characteristics of both of these Amazon seller networks.

4 Teikametrics Features:

Here are the features of  Teikametrics:

1. Algorithmic Bidding Optimization

This is the feature that initially drew me in. The old archaic regulations take a long time to implement, and at the end of the day, a person is still unable to properly optimize ad bids.

They employ this method, which is integrated with Machine Learning, in order to provide the best possible service to the users.

The bids are of the greatest quality, and management is quite responsive. 

2. Product Level Profitability 

Any advertiser’s first and most crucial aim is profitability, and if an advertisement can’t deliver it, it’s pointless.

You can use this software to look at individual and account profitability. Before reporting the ultimate profit figure, it includes fees, marketing costs, and advertising costs.

Its predictions are always precise and correct. This shows users which goods perform well with the campaigns and which don’t.

3. Keyword Automation

The work of keyword research is both time-consuming and frustrating.

Using this keyword automation tool, you may eliminate such time-consuming operations.

They choose the best keywords with the least amount of competition for the advertisement automatically. It boosts production, sales, and visibility.

4. Real Amazon Experts

What good is it to do something if the outcome isn’t positive? Teikametrics employs Amazon Experts in real-time to assist users in a variety of ways.

They also use excellent marketing to ensure that the product is profitable for the users. Everything is outperformed by the algorithm and skilled specialists, ensuring that the PPC campaign obtains the intended results.

8 Jungle Scout Features:

Here are the features of Jungle scout:

1. Product Database

This database of 70 million Amazon products allows you to filter by a category, allowing you to find product ideas for a niche you’re passionate about.

Teikametrics vs JungleScout- product database


You may then sort by expected sales, revenue, and more, as well as Amazon fees, to locate the most profitable products. Jungle Scout also has a tool called the Niche Hunter that may help you locate the ideal market for you as well as the greatest goods to source and sell.

2. Product Tracker

It’s simple to add a product to the product tracker once you’ve found the one you like, so you can keep track of its best-seller rank and sales revenue on a daily basis.

To determine a product’s seasonality and sales velocity over time, track these and other variables.

3. AccuSales

AccuSales is another useful research tool that lets you forecast future sales using existing sales data. You can use this tool to test your product ideas and see how well they might sell.

4. Supplier Database and Tracker

If you need to find a manufacturer for your items, you may utilize this database to find recognized suppliers for a variety of products.

You can save supplier lists, compare quotations, create purchase orders, and record communications from there, allowing you to keep track of everything in one spot.

5. Keyword Scout

You’ll need to know what customers are looking for if you want them to locate your products on Amazon. This keyword research tool may be used to determine which Amazon keywords a product ranks for.

You’ll also be able to see historical search volume and track organic keyword ranks so you can use keywords from your Amazon study to improve your product listings.

Teikametrics vs JungleScout- Jungle Scout-Keyword_Scout

Simply put, listing optimization involves making sure your descriptions contain the phrases people are looking for. 

6. Sales Analytics

Consider the sales analytics tool to be your financial dashboard, where you can measure your revenues, keep track of Amazon fees, evaluate sales from paid campaigns, and adjust your spending to get a complete view of how your company is doing.

7. Relevancy Score

The relevance of a term to your original search is shown by this score. If you know your niche/product well, this isn’t really useful.

However, if you’re still learning, you can occasionally pick up a synonym, a slang phrase, or any random jargon to beef up your listing and improve your listing quality score.

jungle scout relevancy score

8. Jungle Scout Pro Chrome Extension 

The Jungle Scout Pro Extension is a product research and evaluation tool that integrates with your browser and provides a cool icon for you to click whenever you need to conduct quick product research.

It allows you to easily add products for tracking, check basic statistics for each product, view price, predict monthly sales, study and export keywords, and even look at Google Trends data.

Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout: Ease of use

You would always prefer anything that is smooth, easy to comprehend, and use, regardless of which marketing platform you employ.

It should be simple to access and manage the features and functionalities.

Every Amazon seller wishes for an intuitive FBA platform, so Jungle Scout and Teikametrics strive to provide just that to their users.

Let’s have a quick chat on how easy both of these platforms are to use.

Teikametrics :

Because of its simplicity, Teikametrics stands out as a PPC management tool. The program has a user-friendly interface that allows new Amazon sellers as well as seasoned marketing agency professionals to swiftly come up to speed and start running campaigns.

One feature that distinguishes Teikametrics from other PPC management software is its visual interface.

At a glance, you can navigate through the different tools and options available, making your choices clear. 

It also allows you to build an unlimited number of ad groups, allowing you to manage your advertising effectively.

The program may be completely customized, making it a feasible option for those looking for a more straightforward approach to PPC management.

Jungle Scout:

Even those who were previously selling on Amazon saw an increase in revenues and a reduction in effort after using Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout suggests the following to enhance your earnings:

  • Make an effort to be specific. Find the exact variation (size, color, etc.) that is currently performing the best and start with that product when looking for a product to private label.
  • Set a reasonable price. Determine the average price of a product, which price points sell the most units, the associated Amazon fees, and the price that will result in the highest profit margin.
  • Know what you’ll be charged. Find similar products to sell and use the FBA fee calculator to figure out any hidden fees so you can precisely forecast your profits.
  • Look for ways to make yourself stand out. You should emphasize what sets your goods unique from the competition in both your photographs and descriptions. Look through reviews of similar Amazon products to see if there are any faults that your product can fix.
  • Know who you’re talking to. Create a customer email list. When you’re preparing to introduce a new product, think about what your current consumers might be interested in so you can market to them.
  • Make a website or start a blog. You’ll grab people who are searching for your product on Google if you develop a website or blog with content about it. Take them from your blog to your Amazon product.
  • Make use of influencer marketing. In order to increase sales, reach out to influencers who might post a positive review of your product on social media.

Customer Support

If you want to stay in the good graces of your users and audience, you must have a good and responsive customer service system.

If your users run across an issue, they should be able to contact your support team right away and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Teikametrics and Jungle Scout, on the other hand, have been considered to provide excellent customer service.


When operating on any platform, it is vital for a user to have support. What would you do if you were working late at night and ran upon an issue? It cannot be postponed until the morning, and if no support is available at that time, damages will occur.

Teikametrics Software is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Jungle Scout 

In addition to these tools, you’ll get access to the Jungle Scout academy, which offers training from eight-figure sellers, as well as 24/7 customer support.

There are numerous tutorials, case studies, and other useful resources available.

Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout: Pricing Comparison

Both Teikametrics and Jungle Scout are free to use, and the free plan includes some great features that you may upgrade to at any time.

Some utilities are offered for free, but only for a limited time. Beginners would benefit greatly from the basic free plan because it allows them to try out the tools without risking any money, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Teikametrics Price:

Teikametrics is more expensive than the other Amazon PPC management tools we investigated. Teikametrics offers a 30-day free trial.

The platform has three pricing options: Flywheel, Ad Management, and Premium Ad Management. 

Teikametrics tool Price

Teikametrics Flywheel Plan

The Teikametrics Flywheel can help you launch your product and increase its profitability. Flywheel disseminates information on a variety of areas, including new product launches. It allows you to keep track of the money you spend on advertising. Flywheel examines sales data from both organic and paid searches in order to assist you in improving your PPC approach. Flywheel’s latest upgrade, V2.0, is divided into two sub-tiers: Basic and AI-Powered. The Basic tier is completely free and includes the following benefits:

  • Multi-channel data aggregation and reporting
  • Campaign, ad group, and keyword performance metrics
  • Product-level profitability insights (including advertising costs)
  • Proactive inventory & advertising notifications

If your monthly marketplace sales are over $10,000, Flywheel’s AI-Powered sub-tier is free. The plan will cost you 3% of your monthly ad spend if your monthly marketplace sales are greater than $10,000. This tie has the following characteristics:

Advertising Optimization (3% of monthly ad spend)

  • Goal-based campaign creation & optimization
  • Fully-automated keyword targeting engine
  • AI-powered keyword bidding
  • Multi-channel & multi-level performance analysis

Market Intelligence ($0.30 per tracked search term)

  • Brand coverage of the search
  • Product ranking by keyword
  • Competitor share of search

Free Inventory Optimization

  • Inventory turn and sell-through rate insights
  • Proactive stockout notifications and connected ads

Teikametrics Ad Management Plan

Teikametrics also offers an Ad Management service that includes daily ad management, industry expertise, and Flywheel 2.0 technology. Amazon’s monthly plan starts at $1,500, while Walmart’s plan starts at $500. (plus platform fees). There are other ideal solutions available for Amazon DSP Management. You’ll need to contact their customer service staff for a price quote. Some of the characteristics are as follows:

Standard Ad Management

  • Designated account manager
  • Weekly performance updates & monthly check-in calls
  • Management of Amazon SP, SB, SD, and Walmart SP
  • Campaign planning, execution, and ongoing maintenance
  • Ongoing keyword and ASIN targeting refinement
  • Adjustments by product life cycle for maximum performance

Premium Ad Management

  • Designated account team & eCommerce strategist
  • Strategic planning and expanded support for seasonal and promotional events
  • Quarterly planning aligned with business objectives
  • Custom reporting configuration and delivery
  • Management of Amazon SP, SD, SB + Video, and Walmart SP
  • In-depth keyword research and negative keyword management
  • Custom refinement to campaign design and bidding models
  • One FREE incrementality test

Amazon DSP Management

  • Budget forecasting and optimization
  • Competitive research and targeting
  • Custom DSP audience builds
  • Weekly performance reporting
  • A/B testing for incrementality

Jungle Scout Price:

Jungle Scout currently offers users to choose from the following 3 paid subscription plans.

Jungle Scout Price new


Basic Plan

Price: $49 per month ($29 per month – Annual)


  • Single user license
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)

Suite Plan

Price: $69 per month ($49 per month – Annual)


  • Single user license
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)
  • Review Automation
  • Ability to add more users
  • Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data
  • Advanced seller features

Professional Plan

Price: $129 per month ($84 per month – Annual)


  • Single user license
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)
  • Review Automation
  • Ability to add more users
  • Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data
  • Advanced seller features
  • Track up to 1000 ASINs
  • 6 users included
  • 6 months of historical data in Product Tracker
  • 2 years of historical keyword data
  • Priority onboarding

Teikametrics & Jungle Scout Reviews:

Here are the review of both Teikametrics & Jungle Scout:

Teikametrics Review:

Teikametrics Flywheel review

Jungle Scout Review:

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Final Thoughts: Teikametrics vs Jungle Scout 2022

Jungle Scout and Teikametrics, as you can see from this review, are two of the best programs available, both loaded with powerful and advanced tools. In your Amazon business, you can compete with your competition and attain perfection.

Both are fantastic options for Amazon merchants that want a lot of features.


Teikametrics provides inventory management and retail optimization system that is well-designed. It’s very customizable, with features such as purchasing habits, assortment optimization, search engine optimization, and social media optimization.

While the system’s offline inventory management is a huge positive, it falls short of the competition in terms of price, which could be a problem for Amazon merchants.

Teikametrics has a few flaws, one of which is the inability to automate the campaign manager.

Nonetheless, it is incredibly effective and consistently produces results. It can assist raise the performance of your internet business by increasing traffic, profitability, and brand recognition if applied correctly.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a fantastic piece of software that enables you to run a profitable Amazon FBA business.

The product search function, which is highly intuitive and simple to use, is undoubtedly my favorite feature.

However, I occasionally encountered issues in searches that did not yield results due to an error.

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