Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace. There are almost no restrictions on the kind of products that may be offered there. The former bookshop has grown into a behemoth in the business. Numerous individuals may earn additional income by selling products on Amazon. However, you are not the оnlу one profiting from Amazon’s popularity.

Indeed, уоu аrе a long way from being alone. To keep ahead of the competition, you’ll need an exceptional Amazon product research tool, which is why I’ll demonstrate how AMZScout may benefit your company in my AMZScout review.

Increased competition is a result of large sites like Amazon. It might be difficult to get attention. It takes time and a track record to climb the Amazon product search results ranks. 

There are millions of businesses offering products across all industries and categories. Businesses must be imaginative and creative in their approach to goods and services. Additionally, they must use software and other technologies that might provide them with an edge over the competition.

There are several product research tools available to assist Amazon merchants. These tools assist them in gaining a better understanding of the marketplace. Additionally, they provide insight into how they can effectively promote their goods to build interest and increase sales.

Product research tools assist Amazon sellers in gaining a better understanding of the marketplace and give access to statistical data that can be used to determine the success of a product. They can even monitor the sales of various items.

By using an Amazon market research tool such as AMZScout, you may differentiate yourself in a crowded area. You may utilize the data supplied to find the most effective methods to sell your items and present customers with a cause to do business with you.

AMZScout is a powerful Amazon Seller tool that offers a variety of features to help you sell more products on Amazon. Let us check out its pricing in detail.

AMZScout Overview – All You Need to Know Before Buying


AMZScout is one of the best tools available for Amazon sellers. It is a market and product data research program that may contribute to your business’s success. This tool may be used to forecast revenue and to learn more about product searches. You’ll learn how to conduct business appropriately and get more customers.

AMZScout enables Amazon sellers to get historical pricing data and product rankings over time. It may be used to evaluate the quality of product listings to help businesses anticipate their monthly sales accurately.

The tool was created to aid companies and individuals in maximizing their online presence. Additionally, AMZScout may be used to gather rating data and statistics on Amazon Fulfillment expenses.

The AMZScout Application is equipped with a plethora of handy functions. It is capable of processing data from Amazon’s whole search and item database. This significantly enhances its capabilities over the AMZSCout Chrome plugin.

It’s simple to navigate the app after you’ve logged in. A custom-designed dashboard houses all of the necessary features. It was established to simplify the vendor experience. It’s a welcome change for those who have grown tired of too much information being shown on a single screen.

In contrast to the Chrome extension, which is platform-specific, the app is cloud-based. The web app and Chrome extension both provide a comparable user experience. Their responsibilities, however, are markedly different.

The software has a variety of useful functions. They are all required for the proper operation of any Amazon FBA tool. A product database, a product tracker tool and Amazon keyword search, a reverse ASIN lookup, an Amazon keyword tracker, an Amazon index checker, and an Amazon course on how to sell on Amazon are all included.

The Product Database enables businesses to find popular goods with the potential to increase revenue. Merchants only just log into the dashboard and submit a product ASIN or keyword. Following that, the product dashboard may search for similar products.

Any similar goods will appear in the search results, along with their associated information and images. The data is very comprehensible. Sellers may then use this data to calculate their selling costs on Amazon as well as the revenue generated by comparable items. Filters may be used to exclude products that are too expensive to offer, lack a healthy gross profit margin, or are excessively aggressive.

Additionally, you may browse through a variety of categories without entering a search phrase. This option allows you to add two filters: one that provides product trend information and another that allows you to categorize things. Google trends data may disclose a great deal about a product’s popularity and purchase likelihood.

Avoid commodities with a downward trend. They are often seen as unsightly, making them more difficult to sell. AMZScout’s content is updated regularly, and methodical searches often reveal products with great profit potential.

While it may seem that the AMZScout extension and the Product Database contain the same data, this is not the case. The extension has a smaller selection of product categories than the web app. Because Amazon categorizes things just by rank, you may use the program to arrange data in any way you like.

The web application may be used to supplement the extension in several ways. While the extension connects directly to Amazon, the app also gives additional data for a range of characteristics.

The Product Database tool can aid you in deciding which market segments most closely match your specifications. Whenever you desire to discover a product to sell, open the Amazon website and start the extension. After that, the goods in which you are interested may be added to the tracker. Spend some time watching inventory and sales trends to ensure you purchase things on sale.


AMZScout Pricing

They have two pricing plans to offer –

PRO Extension: Legendary product research tool that merchants rely on for reliable sales statistics. This one will cost you $ 16.49 per month if paid monthly, $ 29/m if paid yearly, and $ 499 for a lifetime.

AMZScout Pricing

This plan includes the following –

  1.   AMZScout Seller’s Course: 

Complete and practical information on how to launch a lucrative Amazon business in less than three months.

  1.   PRO Extension: 

Locate and verify lucrative items; determine if they are trending upward or downward. Determine the degree of competition, get sourcing choices, and enhance the quality of your listing.

Amazon Seller’s Bundle: A comprehensive toolkit for both new and seasoned Amazon sellers. This one will cost you $ 49.99 per month if paid monthly, $ 29 per month if paid yearly, and $ 1,499 for a lifetime.

This plan will include everything in the PRO extension and –

  1.   Quick View:

Instantly see product sales information as if you were the seller, directly on the search results page.

  1.   Keyword Tracker:

Analyze organic placements and track keyword ranks to optimize PPC campaigns for high-volume keywords.

  1.   Amazon Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup:

Select the most effective keywords for your listings to attract consumers through search and pay-per-click ads.

  1.   Product Database & Product Tracker:

Create profitable product ideas, choose the best product from a lucrative niche, and monitor product performance regularly.

  1.   12 Monthly Trend Reports 2 years:

Monthly Product Trends Reports, Profitable Niche Reports, Amazon News, Insights, and Profit Maximization Tips

  1.   1,000+ Exclusive Amazon Products 2 years:

Weekly delivery of 19 of the top 1 % earning items! Each one is hand-picked by AI from more than 600 million goods.

Is AMZScout Worth it?


Yes, AMZScout is definitely worth the price. Here are some of the reasons that make AMZScout worth its price –

  1.   Some Amazing Articles on Blog:

The site has some very fantastic articles on increasing sales on Amazon FBA and learning more about the software.

These articles are highly entertaining and serve as excellent supplements to some solid knowledge. Therefore, if someone wants a tool that also provides more information in addition to doing the task, this tool is the finest in the sector.

  1.   Chrome Extension and Web-Based Software: 

The free version includes a Chrome Extension, while the Pro Version includes a web-based application that provides enhanced and more extensive information. That is not to say that the chrome extension is awful; rather, the data is not as detailed as desired.

The only way to get more precise and comprehensive insights is to upgrade to the pro version. While the Chrome Extension is limited in functionality and only retrieves data based on the current time, the SaaS Product is more extensive and includes a broader variety of functions.

Whether the chrome extension or the paid Pro version is desired, the nicest feature is that nothing has to be downloaded or updated regularly.

  1.   AMZScout’s Seller Course: 

There is training for folks who are in a hurry to start a new FBA company but are missing a few key details. It assists in determining how to earn a profit on sales in less than three months.

As a result, no further training is required, and one may learn while making their first transaction! This is also a Pro version option and is not included in the free version. It is a genuine blessing in disguise since it saves the student a significant amount of money that would have been spent on a course individually.

  1.   Competitor Data: 

Call it snooping, but the pro version assists in learning more about the competitor’s products and how their sales are doing. There is no such option in the free package; consequently, to access this data, one must subscribe to the Pro version. Monitor their inventory and sales activities to see how you might improve yours. Consider yourself to be the ones selling such things.

  1.   Information about the Supplier: 

A thousand individuals are simultaneously selling the same commodity in many nations. However, the only way to differentiate yourself from other merchants is via product quality. When purchasing from merchant fulfilled merchants, one thing that cannot be guaranteed is the product’s quality.

Those who own the Pro edition of this Research Tool are not affected. With the use of the AMZScout tool, data on supplier reviews and product quality may be extracted. This is where the premium membership comes in handy since it enables the product to be sold at an even greater price. A high-quality product may help a firm grow and also get positive client evaluations.

  1.   Keyword Research Tool: 

A strong keyword may readily direct a searcher to the Amazon FBA page for the product. Since a vendor, this is a critical element to include in the product description, as this is how the majority of consumers discover and subsequently purchase the item. With the keyword research tool, a seller may quickly determine the best possibilities for a certain product and significantly boost its rating.

  1.   Automated Calculator:

What good is an FBA research tool if it lacks an automated calculator? Nothing! Simply by examining the product insights, a vendor may also compute everything necessary to determine the targeted earnings. All that is required is to input the purchase price, and the calculator will determine how much profit may be taken on its own.

Additionally, since the FBA cost fluctuates regularly, it can account for such fluctuations and then provide the final result. As a seller, it may be difficult to keep track of daily fluctuations in the amount, but this calculator simplifies the process significantly.

  1.   No Technical Requirements: 

There is a fallacy in the market that the product takes some technical expertise to operate. However, the more difficult it seems, the simpler it is to use. It is very user-friendly and gives data in a more easy and organized way. AMZScout is an excellent solution for sellers who have no clue about technological elements since it completely automates everything.

  1.   Estimated Sales: 

This function is beneficial and beneficial since it forecasts the number of sales for a given product. With this knowledge, the vendor may determine whether or not the luck they’re employing to create these goods is deserving. Additionally, there will be an indication of the product’s viability in the FBA market.

It is critical to understand every component of the product, and this is one of those characteristics that will assist you in ways you never imagined. There are almost 30 categories included, and the data is 100 percent correct.

  1.   Exclusive and Detailed Insights: 

It collects data from approximately 500 niches and every detail is included. However, the free version does not present all of the data completely, while the Pro version includes additional features for data filtering.

AMZScout also provides a detailed breakdown of products, including the average monthly sales, the price of the product for upselling, the number of sales rank, the number of reviews, and the desired margin, so users can gauge their performance. Additionally, each product has a potential score that indicates its worthiness.

  1.   AMZScout Product Searches:

With the help of AMZScout, sellers can determine which products are worth purchasing and which are a complete waste of money. To assist sellers, even more, they allow them to search for data by week, month, or year. This way, the seller can gain a long-term perspective on the product and determine whether it is a seasonal hit or an all-time favorite.

If someone is looking for information about a particular trendy product or a good product for the holiday or summer season, the time-span filter is ideal.


AMZScout Pros and Cons

AMZScout Pros

  • AMZScout’s Chrome addon will assist you in identifying profitable items in underserved areas.
  • AMZScout equips Amazon sellers with the tools necessary to discover successful goods.
  • Utilize the AMZScout product tracker to stay informed about product inventories and trends.
  • AMZScout offers both a free Web App and a free Pro Extension trial.
  • Obtenez data et insights sur n’importe quel produit vendu sur Amazon.
  • AMZScout’s tools are reasonably priced.
  • Utilize AMZScout’s product tracker to analyze and keep track of product inventories and trends.
  • AMZScout Provides All of the Product Research Tools You Need.
  • Numerous Tutorials, Guides, and Videos Designed for Beginners
  • AmzScout Offers Exceptionally Accurate Estimates.

AMZScout Cons

  • AMZScout is missing features that would assist you in launching new goods on Amazon.



I like AMZScout’s product packaging, its versatility, and the ease with which the Chrome extension and web application may be used simultaneously. Both versions have a free trial period, which is something that the majority of FBA applications do not. The ability to try the features and operations of an application for free is a critical component in determining whether to purchase and continue using the product.

After all, why would you purchase anything if you don’t completely grasp how it works? The staff at AMZScout is optimistic that users will appreciate their program so much that they will purchase it when the free trial time ends. That level of assurance is quite comforting.

AMZScout has an easy UI and a plethora of functionality. That is why Amazon merchants regularly utilize it. The Extension is an excellent resource for doing product research. The main disadvantage is that the sheer volume of data provided by the Extension may be overwhelming at times for novice vendors.

Customization and filters enable you to see just the information that is important to you at the moment. There is a wealth of information available, yet it may be overwhelming. Novice sellers may need more time to master this instrument to the same degree as professional vendors.

This Amazon product research tool may assist you in quickly developing some fantastic product ideas. The more you utilize these tools, the more proficient you will become. Additionally, you’ll improve your chances of success as an Amazon seller.

As you can see, the pricing plans of AMZScout are pretty cheap. Hence, we can say that AMZScout is a great option for you. I sincerely hope this article helped you clear the pricing of AMZScout. Please let me know in the comment section whether you liked AMZScout or not.

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