In this post, we have featured 5 Best SellerApp alternatives that include detailed insights into these tools’ pricing, features, functionality, and more.

Do you need a system that will help your business expand? Do you want to increase your profits by providing more products and providing excellent customer service? It’s tough to keep track of Amazon’s ever-changing plans because the industry is so large.

This is not just about Amazon on the Amazon marketplace. It all comes down to the competition. Amazon’s marketplace contains over 100 million items and 2 million vendors.

That’s not enough to spend more money on Amazon advertisements, Amazon PPC, and Amazon Sponsored Items to stay in the game.

Whether you’re new to Amazon or a seasoned seller, it’s critical to back up your growth strategies with the highest quality data and metrics available. SellerApp’s eCommerce software promises to do just that – and more – with its all-in-one marketing, sales, and operations management features.

About SellerApp

SellerApp is a behavioral eCommerce analytics software that provides Amazon sellers with insights derived from their data via powerful tools and reports to help optimize and generate more sales.

This E-Commerce solution enables sellers to fully capitalize and leverage the full value of their digital data by aggregating it and gaining meaningful insights that they can use to improve their processes, service, products, and more.

SellerApp provides sellers with a robust Data Platform that unlocks the full value of their data assets by meticulously dissecting and measuring data at each stage of the funnel and deriving meaningful insights to drive highly relevant, real-time digital advertising on a global scale.

This results in a significant increase in new customers, the discovery of new products, highly actionable marketplace insights, streamlined conversions, and a more positive and long-term impact on revenues.

Simply put, SellerApp can assist you in gaining more insights from your data. With more data at your disposal, you’ll be able to optimize your Amazon listings and (hopefully!) increase sales. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important SellerApp features:

  • PPC optimization & automation: Through keyword mining and optimized targeting, you can increase conversions without spending more money on ads.
  • Profit Management: SellerApp’s all-in-one dashboard allows you to easily track and manage your profits, expenses, and spending.
  • Keyword Discovery: SellerApp assists you in navigating keywords by aggregating hundreds of suggestions in real-time, allowing you to capitalize on Amazon’s top-performing product keywords.
  • Smart Product Research: With a few clicks, you can sift through top product data points and find your next best-seller.
  • Enhanced Listing Quality: Discover the desirability and discoverability of each of your listings, as well as actionable recommendations for improvement.

Are You Looking For a SellerApp Alternative?

With time, there have been several other tools that have entered the market and have posed stiff competition to the mighty SellerApp. This implies that you now have many alternatives to go for instead of just settling with SellerApp!

So, if you want to know which are the best SellerApp alternatives for the2022, or which are the best Amazon Seller tools other than SellerApp to get the job done, you’ve come to the right place.

5 Best Sellerapp Alternatives 2022: 

Here are the best  Best Sellerapp Alternatives

1. Teikametrics (Best SellerApp Alternatives):

Teikametrics is a strong, user-friendly technology site that provides an accurate strategy for Amazon’s larger businesses. By boosting Amazon-funded product bidding and minimizing unnecessary advertising from your amazon, it assures that the business becomes much more profitable.

Teikametrics is a cutting-edge Amazon advertisement management technology that strives to assist you to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Best SellerApp Alternatives Teikametrics Flywheel

Teikametrics not only manages your complete advertising campaign, but also offers Walmart Ads assistance, a multi-utility account administrator, and advertisement plan formulation, among other services.

What Tools Does Teikametrics Provide?

Teikametrics provides a suite of tools aimed at assisting businesses in realizing their full potential through increased profitability. This tool ensures that you obtain the highest potential return on your advertising expenditure. Let us now take a look at all of the tools available on this platform so you can see its full potential.

Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer

This tool assists merchants in maximizing the revenue of their Amazon-branded product campaigns. The Teikametrics sponsored items optimizer assists the seller in staying ahead of the rankings and gives them an advantage over their competitors.

You can do the following with this tool:

1. Create Campaigns With a Specific Target Audience in Mind

The company’s professionals will assist you in developing advertising campaigns that adhere to market standards while also meeting the requirements of an organization.

2. Simple Keyword Research Tool 

You didn’t have to think about finding the best keywords because the tool can do it for you. The algorithm is fantastic at locating the best profitable keyword options for your seller account on Amazon.

Teikametrics optimization keywords analysis

3. Auto-Pilot

Manually adjusting and readjusting bids in Seller Central every few hours is a time-consuming and frustrating task. Additionally, this algorithmic automation aids shops in obtaining the greatest potential location and maximizing profits.

4. Actionable Keywords

Sponsored Products by Teikametrics Optimizer removes the requirement to manually copy, paste, then upload a keyword list. On the dashboard, you may perform all of the keyword’s tasks.

Teikametrics’ Sponsored Products Optimizer has a number of functions directed at boosting productivity and revenue. With this software, you may cut down on unnecessary ad spending.

All sellers can use this tool to concentrate on selling items on Amazon. Third-party shops can improve a number of Teikametrics, including:

  • SPO Managed Services
  • Expert Campaign Launch
  • Insite for FBA Sponsored Products
  • Teikametrics Flywheel
  • Expert Partner Services

5. Teikametrics Flywheel

The Teikametrics Flywheel is a useful tool for shops that want to introduce new products and increase their profits. With the use of organic advertising product data, total revenue can be raised.

To get the most out of this optimization tool, follow this three-step method.

6. Improving Advertising with the Use of Sales Data

The software’s sophisticated algorithm leverages all of the data points collected from the newest point of sale to improve Amazon advertising and help your business gain momentum.

7. Optimizing Ads

Flywheel Data Science’s next-generation sophisticated machine learning technique can be used to optimize data. This will assist you in lowering costs and increasing conversion rates.

8. Increase Organic Traffic, Sales, and Reviews

The algorithm system is very helpful in locating and creating additional leads for your business. Increased sales, feedback, and organic traffic are used to generate leads.

All of the product-specific performance indicators apply to both organic as well as paid sales. Its intelligent data management and tracking solution will deliver incredibly simple charts and graphs to the vendor.

These graphs can be used by the seller to select their line of treatment and allocate more resources to the region with the highest output. All of these AI-controlled automated advertising solutions will work even though you are not available.

Teikametrics optimization keywords

Flywheel enables determining the true amount of product profitability simply. It ensures that all necessary data and information is securely saved for convenient access.

Flywheel ensures that every penny is somehow put to the best possible use in order to optimize your returns. It’s a great tool for running a business because it allows you to spend less money on advertising while making more money.

9. Sponsored Products

The sponsored product management tools are effective in assisting you in maintaining control over your Amazon business.

10. Boost Productivity

The technology finds negative keywords immediately, saving you time and increasing your profits.

11. Target Top Performers

The tool may transition high-performing campaigns from automatic to manual mode, resulting in higher ROIs.

12. Precise Keyword Targeting

Using identical phrases and keywords will help you improve your targeting. Keyword targeting is indeed a powerful tool for generating targeted traffic.

13. Adjusts Bids

All impressions, as well as clicks, are tracked and recorded, allowing you to fine-tune your bids for the best-performing keywords and improve your sales conversion ratio.

14. Insite for FBA

Insite for FBA is a fantastic piece of software that helps shops find new prospects while also managing their investments and keeping track of their profits.

15. Maximize your Time and Capital

Insite for FBA assists organizations in gaining more visibility than they require, as well as making informed purchase selections.

Regardless of how well you are doing now, you can always enhance your business sales as well as the conversion rate.

This tool helps quickly identify which suppliers and goods are not delivering the expected outcomes and which ones are helping in your company’s growth. If you are on a limited spending plan, you can utilize this information to refill only the things that are selling quickly.

Suppliers, buyers, products, and SKUs can all be used to categorize your best profitable bets. By assessing the sales rank velocity as well as sales velocity, this program can assist you in making appropriate decisions.

With the support of this application, you may view all of your sales data from months to years. This information is critical in assessing your growth and profitability, as well as in planning future campaigns.

16. Metrics

By thoroughly evaluating all of the expense data generated by the software, you may evaluate the true profitability of your organization. To gain a better understanding of the overall business performance, you can filter this information by account, supplier, or SKU.

To discover over-performing products, the software accounts for all promotional and advertising fees. The tool also keeps an eye on old products that aren’t making any money and are tying up funds.

17. Business Managers

Insite for FBA is a powerful solution that helps business managers streamline their operations across numerous platforms. It is capable of identifying profitable opportunities for each company.

All of the information gathered will aid business owners in determining which items and services are successful and which are not. This can assist shops in prioritizing the best-performing products. Entrepreneurs can quickly seize fresh chances to boost revenues and overall growth.

Here are a few additional benefits of this fantastic tool:

1. A machine learning-based algorithmic keyword bidding technique that gives you the highest degree of optimization.

2. It includes profit analysis software. On a per-account basis, evaluate your revenue. You can see all the charges, discounts, and advertisements at any time. To successfully advertise things, check your true benefit and determine maximum bids.

3. It allows for simple keyword automation. Improve your keyword strategy. Improve productivity, sales, and product exposure by automating and speeding up your process.

4. Use reporting tools to collect distinct perspectives in real-time. You will receive reports that are personalized to your specific objectives. A structured summary on a dashboard. You will view ACoS, market volume, net profitability, as well as other indicators in detail. The prediction and tracking tools are also available. Other data available in this view include impressions, visitors, spending, cost per click, click-through rate, conversions, and conversion rate. In addition to these, the dashboard also displays keyword performance on the basis of net ad sales. Only the most important keywords in terms of net ad revenue are displayed on the main page. Users, on the other hand, can choose to see the terms used during current as well as previous campaigns, which will give them a closer look.

5. Sponsored Products or PPC management, which supports and encourages brands. You will evaluate different types of sales and come up with a plan based on what you learn. To make better advertising decisions, you should analyze organic and PPC income, for example.

6. The Teikametrics software automates the process, so all a user has to do now is just log in, create a campaign, then follow the directions. Users might also define target ad expenditures depending on revenue thresholds, giving you control over promotions without requiring them to track them. Visitors can see all the weekly activity objects within the affiliate tracking area.

Each campaign’s negative keyword targeting refinements, best contributing keywords, and automated to manual campaigns all are tracked, categorized, and reported. For each term in the categories, data on views, spending, income, and promotional expenditure on sales is accessible.

What about the Teikametrics’ pricing plans?

Teikametrics offers a variety of adjustable plans depending on the services you would like to use. If you are a seller, you will be billed depending on how much money you spend on Amazon ads each month. If you are a seller or an enterprise, you will have to get in touch with the organization for a quote.

Teikametrics tool Price

Let’s have a quick look at the various Teikametrics price options.

Free Trial

This platform provides all users with a free trial so that they are aware of what they have been getting into. This trial period is for thirty days, and to begin utilizing the platform, you must provide your credit card information.

Self Service Flywheel

You must pay $59 per month to gain access to the Flywheel Platform. You must also spend 3% of your monthly ad spend cost if you spend more than $5000 per month. This fee is only charged if you want to use their algorithmic bidding option.

You will also have access to their excellent customer service if you purchase this package. You have accessibility to their complete help center and video tutorials, as well as – application support.

Flywheel and Pro Services

While you must pay the $59 service money to use the Flywheel platform, like with other plans, you must pay more for the features you receive. If you spend more than $5000 per month, you must also pay 3% of your monthly ad spend the cost.

As the name implies, the Flywheel and Pro Services plans also offer Amazon and Walmart services. You must pay $1500 for Amazon services, as well as an additional $500 for Walmart ads management.

While this price seems to be fairly high, the features and functions you receive more than makeup for it.

Flywheel and Premium Services

You must pay $59 for platform access and an extra 3% ad spend for amounts over $50000, just like the other programs. You will also have to spend $5,000 for Amazon premium management services plus $1,000 for Walmart premium management services on top of this.

This bundle includes not just a slew of premium features, but also full management from their knowledgeable staff.

Teikametrics For Agencies

You must contact them if you are an organization looking to manage large-scale businesses. They haven’t made the cost for agencies available on the internet. Rather, they would like to learn about your needs and then provide you with a personalized quote so you don’t have to pay anything more.


  • AI-powered advertising tech to boost your Amazon growth
  • Real-time smart tracking 
  • A complete and robust solution for all the large-scale Amazon sellers and businesses.
  • Accurate data reports
  • Automatic Keyword Action
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Performance Analytics Dashboard
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Unique features provide you with custom reporting.
  • Amazon PPC Automated Bidding Machine
  • Completely managed services save you time and effort.


  • When it comes to supporting, the only drawback is that they are sometimes a little slow.
  • Might be a bit expensive for small-scale businesses.

Sellzone is a robust marketing and sales machine created by Semrush that offers a number of critical tools and functionalities to assist Amazon’s growth-oriented sellers to enhance their performance through listing audits, split testing, and traffic analysis and recommendations.

Best SellerApp Alternatives Sellerly-Overview

Sellerzone is most likely the ideal toolkit for Amazon’s US marketplace sellers and retailers (companies that sell on looking for dependable solutions to raise their Amazon sales.

Useful Resources

Sellzone is a feature-rich platform that enables, together with the appropriate equipment, to guarantee that Amazon sellers can maximize their entire listing performance on the eCommerce platform and manage it easily while uncovering sales growth opportunities.

Protect Your Listing on Amazon

The Sellzone Listing Protection software is an online monitoring system that allows Amazon sellers to check the rankings as well as discoverability of their Amazon listings, as well as monitor prices of goods, titles and descriptions, changes in possession of the Buy Box, and more, by trying to keep them informed and upgraded about list hijacking and other suppression issues.

Obtain Beneficial Traffic Insights

Sellzone has developed a service that provides you with valuable information about your brand’s traffic.

This Traffic Insights tool was created for businesses and marketers who want to find and assess the most successful external (non – Amazon) web traffic which has the potential to push the maximum number of visitors to their brand’s Amazon listing.

Sellerly - Overview Report

The software will analyze and instantly tell you which external traffic sources will have the most impact on your customers’ acquisition strategy. Google organic traffic, PLAs, referrals, and Display Ads are among the four traffic channels covered by Traffic Insights.

Check The Quality of Your Amazon Listing.

The Sellzone Listing Quality Check tool is an ethical audit tool meant to help you improve the appearance of your product page, as well as other key marketing metrics like sales and CTR.

This is a comprehensive Amazon listing auditing tool that will confirm that your listings adhere to Amazon’s standards and style guides.

Furthermore, the tool may give you data-driven suggestions for increasing the visibility of your listings and, as a result, increasing conversion rates.

These concepts and methods are based on the knowledge and experience of several industries and business specialists who will assist your brand in succeeding on Amazon by suggesting the greatest and most efficient industry practices.

Split Testing

Sellzone Split testing program is free to use for all Amazon sellers and is available both with the free as well as paid subscription levels.

This tool is incredibly easy to use and allows Amazon sellers to fine-tune and edit their listings by running split tests and optimizing primary page characteristics like a page or product title, descriptions, prices, and photos to ensure maximum page efficiency and increased sales.

Sellzone User Interface

Sellzone shares Semrush’s reputation for a user-friendly interface that has been praised for years. Sellzone features one of the best and cleanest user interfaces of any tool of its kind.

When it comes to installing Sellzone , the best feature is that you will get to use a single, coherent dashboard that gathers all of the necessary materials in one location and provides you with structured access to them all.

The dashboard offers you complete control over all of the settings and testing options you will need to handle your Amazon product listings. You may quickly access any Sellzone function from the Tools option on the primary dashboard menu.

All of the key Sellerly features will be organized in one location on the dashboard, like Traffic Insights, Listing Quality Check, Listing Protection, and the Split Testing tool. These services can be accessed and used with just a few mouse clicks.

Customer Service

Sellzone provides great customer care and prompt round-the-clock customer support to its consumers. You can reach out to their support team via email at their assistance email address, which is connected to Semrush through the official email address listed on their online webpage.

You could also contact Sellzone customer service team through their main social media channels, which include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Sellzone also has a fantastic online knowledge center where you can read and learn further about their tools, and also fix some small problems on your own with their products without wasting too much time looking for answers.

This entails in-depth instruction via the blog, webinars, demos with FAQs, and a specialized Semrush Academy training course.


  • Keyword ranking alerts
  • Complete set of listing quality checks and improvement suggestions
  • Listing Protection with all security alerts
  • Unrestricted listing A/B tests
  • Listing Protection
  • In-depth reports on ASINs external traffic channels


  • Only available for US amazon marketplace at this moment

Sellics is a one-stop shop for Amazon seller management. It helps you in keeping a track of your Amazon business from a single, simple interface. It gets information directly through your Amazon account, therefore you can see all of your information in real-time, all in one place.

Many Amazon merchants use Sellics since it is among the most complete solutions on the market. You don’t need to use multiple programs to gather the information you need because it offers so many valuable features.

Best SellerApp Alternatives Sellics

The following are the five primary qualities that most sellers will acknowledge:

  • Keyword research and listing optimization are used to control SEO.
  • A detailed analysis of profit statistics on a daily and monthly basis
  • For maximum effectiveness and cost savings, keep an eye on your Amazon PPC ads.
  • Keeping a track of all the feedback you get so that you can find them easily.
  • Inventory control ensures that you always know how much product you have on hand.

Is This Tool Appropriate For Everyone?

In the end, it all comes down to what you want from a tool. If your marketing strategy revolves around private -; label products, this technology could save you a lot of work.

However, if you get your commodities via wholesalers, some of the tool’s limits may not apply to you. So, and get the most value for money, make sure you’ll use ALL of the tool’s capabilities.

If you are not intending to use all of the functionality, you could be better off looking for certain tools. Additionally, some of the information provided by this application can be viewed in your Seller Central account.

So, what’s the point of spending more money on it?

I’ll go over some of the features in greater detail so that you can determine whether they’ll be useful to you.

Who Is It Most Appropriate For?

Sellics is a wonderful resource for Amazon sellers who wish to keep a track of all of their statistics in one location. It does away with the necessity for many tools and addons.

Finally, you will save a lot of time and be able to manage your firm more efficiently. In real-time, the program takes data from your seller’s main account. Every 5 minutes, the data is updated. This enables you to swiftly assess all aspects of your revenues and profits. As a result, you can make the changes as needed.

Although there is a lot of information to take in, the Sellics dashboard makes it easy to do so. It’s a simple, straightforward user interface. The dashboard, which is also known as the cockpit, has various widgets that can be selected. As a result, you will be able to drill down into your info to the level of specific products.

This is helpful if you want to optimize your private-label items. There are three main editions of Sellics, each aimed at a particular type of user. These are the following:

1. The Seller Edition

This is for those Amazon merchants who use Amazon Seller Central to build up their accounts. It includes all of the essential characteristics, such as:

  • Keep a count of your profits in real-time. All of your Amazon costs are included in this. Once you join your account, these are instantly brought in.
  • PPC manager that displays the results of your campaigns. Impressions, Revenue, AcoS, cost, clicks, click-through rate, and conversion rate are among the statistics.
  • A keyword-tracking ranking optimizer. It enables you to improve the performance of your listings.
  • Review management software that helps you to keep track of the feedback you receive.
  • Inventory management software that keeps track of your stock and notifies you whenever it’s time to reorder.

2. The Vendor Edition

Sellers that sell through Amazon Vendor Central will benefit from the Vendor Edition. It provides brand owners with tools and solutions. These are primarily concerned with advertising, sales, as well as general eCommerce.

The following are the primary characteristics:

Advertising automation on Amazon This enables you to conduct profitable campaigns and maximize your ad expenditure. Research and suggestions for keywords 

This allows you to boost your Amazon search engine product rankings. Also with the feedback management tools, you will be prepared to manage your brand’s reputation.

3. The Agency Edition

This is for the companies that handle many Amazon accounts on behalf of their clients. It enables agencies to better manage these accounts. They can also present statistics to their customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives.

The various functions in this edition enable any agency to concentrate on:

  • Content and SEO
  • Amazon PPC advertising campaigns
  • Customer feedback

4. Datahawk (Best SellerApp Alternatives):

Amazon provides DataHawk as a tracking tool. They offer a variety of distinct data insights on your company. With the help of these tools, you may monitor keywords, product rankings, and performance, do research on products, and analyze market and competitor data.

SEO listing optimization allows you to concentrate on your business rather than the effort of accomplishing all of these things.

Because DataHawk creates a best-in-class SaaS analytics product, millions of Amazon marketplace vendors can develop with its aid. Many big markets, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, benefit from it.

Best SellerApp Alternatives DataHawk

It all started with Amazon, which is still working to develop the best intelligence tools for businesses selling on these platforms.

Data Hawk is being used by a number of significant corporations to expand their business on marketplace platforms such as Amazon. Some of the businesses are Fortune 500 enterprises, SMBs, as well as other Inc 500 e-commerce businesses.

It includes functions such as product creation, real-time monitoring, and intelligent insights.

On a routine basis, DataHawk technology analyses millions of goods and millions of web searches to generate a report to assist you in making choices.

6 Features and Services

Here are the features of datahawk:

1. Tracking

It contains a product tracker that keeps a track of all the data about your product, such as keywords monitoring, ranking histories, reviews, ratings, top sellers rank, and so on. You can make a judgment about the goods based on the information offered by the tracker.

It keeps records of daily changes in the bestseller list rank, review count, rating, as well as monthly sales forecasts to provide you with an indication of the product’s current position. It also has its own unique prediction program that anticipates your monthly revenue predictions.

2. Market Analysis 

DataHawk does market research. After that, it makes a recommendation to the user as to which product will perform better or not. The outcome of the analysis is determined by the distribution of prices, reviews, and ratings.

It also offers keyword search statistics, as well as recently updated keywords as well as monthly search volume lists for the terms you’re currently following.

3. Keyword Research

This function is based on Amazon’s top-ranking products and consumer search queries. DataHawk uses this information to recommend new terms to you. It is Data Hawk’s very important, useful, and high-return activity in the area of search marketing. As a result, you’ll have a better grasp of what clients want and don’t want.

4. Product Research

It employs filters to generate over 10,000 product ideas through its own database from around one million products. You may improve your outcomes with the support of these product ideas. Since it does not specialize in selling, but rather in marketing, which entails determining what the customer requires.

Datahawk Product Research

Data Hawk’s assumptions are focused on the customer’s requirements and desires, so they will be effective in the long run.

5. Projects and Tags System

DataHawk provides you with product data based on analysis and research. Then you may group them into projects and give Tags or labels to them. Therefore, if the tag’s term appears on the webpage, the customer will be able to see the product, and also the user will be able to see the analyzed data for that product.

For that, it contains several complex filters. With the help of Data Hawk, you may filter the product’s keywords or track them.

6. A parent or Child Grouping

This feature allows you to keep a track of each of your product versions and organize them according to their parents. Then, on a parent level, it will show keyword rankings. On DataHawk, these features are provided. It also offers Reporting Services such as Excel Export and API to assist you in customizing your reports.

Pricing and Plans

DataHawk’s price options are quite cheap and economical for even small organizations. It aids in the expansion of your Amazon business. So, let’s take a look at DataHawk’s pricing plan.

Datahawk - pricing

Basic Plan ( Free version )

  • Keyword Generator
  • 5 Products Variants
  • Seller Central Sales Reporting
  • 5 Keywords
  • Product Research Tool
  • Buy Box Tracker
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Product Metrics Tracker
  • Product Listing Tracker
  • Keyword Data And Search Volume

Essentials Plan ( Priced at $65 per month)

  • 20 Keywords
  • 50 ASINs
  • All the features of Basic Plan in addition to:
  • Marketing Intelligence Tool
  • Competitors Sales Estimator

Professional Plan ( Priced at $140  per month)

  • 1000 Keywords
  • 100 ASINs
  • All the features of the Essential Plan in addition to Unlimited Data History

Business Plan ( Priced at $550 per month)

  • 400 Keywords
  • 1000 ASINs
  • All the features of the Professional Plan in addition to: 
  • Excel Export
  • Email Alerting Tool
  • Customization

It also comes with a 14 – day free trial so that customers can have a better understanding of Data Hawk’s functions and features and learn how to use it. Such pricing plans are reasonable and largely dependent on the nature of your business.

Customer Service 

Customer service is also excellent. DataHawk’s support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any kind of problem you may have with your business.

There is a support area where you can discover videos and information on how to use Data Hawk’s capabilities. You could also learn how to utilize the Data Hawk API to transfer your data to Excel. A comprehensive guide is accessible on the internet to assist you.


  • Insightful Amazon Competitive Data
  • Amazon Market Research & Intelligence
  • Parent/Child Automated Grouping
  • Visualization and Export
  • Automated Scheduled Reports
  • Powerful Analytics Tools for Your Amazon SEO
  • Reliable Amazon PPC software
  • Powerful Amazon BSR Data Products Estimated Sales


  • The software still requires more advanced features for Amazon sellers
  • New as compared to Helium 10 & Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a set of tools for Amazon sellers who want to expand their business. Greg Mercer created this platform in the year 2015, which now has over 225,000 customers from all over the world. More than 200,000 Amazon product launches have been handled by Jungle Scout.

Customers cite the utility of the products and the great customer service as an important factor for their top ratings. Jungle Scout is a legitimate business with thousands and thousands of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Best SellerApp Alternatives- junglescout

If you are interested in learning how to sell products on Amazon, Jungle Scout offers a variety of free materials to help you get started.

How Does Jungle Scout Work?

Jungle Scout comes with a set of keyword research tools that will help you figure out how profitable various things are. Jungle Scout is available as a web application as well as a Chrome extension. For Firefox, there is also a browser extension.

These platforms offer a variety of features, however, they always include the following tools:

Product Database

This collection of 70 million Amazon products allows you to filter by category, allowing you to find innovative products for a sector you are enthusiastic about. You may then sort by expected sales, revenue, and much more, as well as Amazon fees, to locate the most successful products.

Jungle Scout also has a tool called the Niche Hunter that may help you locate the ideal market for you as well as the greatest goods to buy and sell.

Product Tracker

It’s simple to put a product to the product tracker once you have found the one you like, so you can keep a track of its bestseller list rank and sales revenue on a regular basis. To determine a product’s season and sales velocity throughout time, track these and other variables.


AccuSales is another useful research tool that lets you forecast future sales using existing sales data. You can use this tool to test your product ideas and then see how they might sell.

Supplier Database and Tracker

If you ever need to find a manufacturer for your items, you may utilize this database to find recognized suppliers for a variety of products. You could save supplier lists, analyze quotations, create purchase orders, and record conversations from there, allowing you to maintain track of everything in a single spot.

Rank Tracker, keyword Scout, and Listing Builder

You will have to understand what customers are looking for if you just want them to locate your products on Amazon. This keyword research software may be used to determine which Amazon phrases a product ranks for.

You will even be able to see historic search traffic and monitor organic keyword ranks so that you can use keywords from your Amazon study to improve your product listings. Simply stated, listing optimization involves making sure your description contains the phrases users are searching for.

After that, you may utilize the listing builder to acquire an Amazon listing score depending on the phrases you specified.

Sales Analytics

Consider the sales analytics tool to be your economic dashboard, from which you can measure your revenues, keep a record of Amazon charges, analyze sales from paid campaigns, and adjust your spending to get a complete view of how your company is doing.

Inventory Manager

This tool makes it simple to figure out if you need to buy the extra inventory to meet customer expectations for your products. This is especially significant if you run an Amazon FBA business. You will save money on Amazon storage fees if you make sure you don’t eventually end up with more than you require.

Product Promotions and Email Campaigns

Jungle Scout provides you with all the resources you need in order to attract and retain your customers. To contact your customers, you can design personalized email campaigns and give coupons or incentives to encourage sales.

Opportunity Score

This feature is only available if you have the Jungle Scout plugin installed. It’s an algorithm that considers whether a product is in great demand or if it has little competition from the other sellers, as well as the quality of the related Amazon listings.

Jungle Opportunity Score

You will be given a number between one and ten that will help you in identifying whether or not the item which you are looking into is beneficial.

Customer Service and The Academy

You will also have accessibility to the Jungle Scout academy, which offers training from eight-figure sellers, as well as 24 × 7 customer service. There are numerous tutorials, case studies, and some other useful resources available.

Increase Your Earnings With Jungle Scout

Even those who were previously selling on Amazon saw an increase in the revenues and a reduction in effort after using Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout suggests the following to enhance your earnings:

  • Make an effort to be specific. Specify the correct variation (size, color, etc.) that has been actually performing the best then start with that item when looking for products to private label.
  • Set a reasonable cost. Determine the approximate cost of the product, what price points sell the maximum units, the related Amazon fees, and the cost that will lead to the highest profit margin.
  • Know what you will be charged. Find similar products to sell and then use the FBA fee estimator to figure out any extra charges so you can precisely forecast your profits.
  • Look for ways to make yourself stand out. You should emphasize what distinguishes your goods unique from the competitors in both your photographs and descriptions. Look through the comments of similar Amazon products to see if there are any faults that your product can fix.
  • Know who you are talking to. Create a user email list. When you are preparing to introduce a new product, think about what your current customers might be interested in so that you can promote your products to them.
  • Make a website or start a blog. You will grab people who are looking for your product on Google if you maintain a blog or website with all the information about it. Take them through your website to your Amazon product.
  • Make use of influencer marketing. In order to promote your goods on social media, reach out to influencers and promote your products.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans – How Much Would It Cost? Is it Really Worth It?

The cost of Jungle Scout is initially puzzling. The mobile application, the Chrome extension, as well as the combo package are all available. And the cost largely depends on whether you buy monthly or annually. It also varies depending on the number of confirmed monthly sales that you receive.

How Often Does Jungle Scout Set You Back?

But, upon close examination, it’s not quite so puzzling. It’s just not as simple as some of the other tools available. So quickly break that down for you. If you merely want to look at the options and sign up for a free trial, go to Jungle Scout’s price page.

Jungle Scout Price new

Jungle Scout currently offers users to choose from the following 3 paid subscription plans.

Basic Plan

Price: $49 per month ($29 per month – Annual)


  • Single user license
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)

Suite Plan

Price: $69 per month ($49 per month – Annual)


  • Single user license
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)
  • Review Automation
  • Ability to add more users
  • Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data
  • Advanced seller features

Professional Plan

Price: $129 per month ($84 per month – Annual)


  • Single user license
  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)
  • Review Automation
  • Ability to add more users
  • Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data
  • Advanced seller features
  • Track up to 1000 ASINs
  • 6 users included
  • 6 months of historical data in Product Tracker
  • 2 years of historical keyword data
  • Priority onboarding

Chrome Extension

$39 per month if purchased monthly and $19 per month when purchased on an yearly basis.


If you wish to purchase both of them together, you can save a big amount of money. 

$69 per month when purchased on a monthly and $49 per month when purchased on a yearly basis.

Now, here’s the catch…

The Amount You Pay Is Determined by the Number of Confirmed Orders

The more you trade, the more Jungle Scout costs. I don’t think that it’s fair, however, I don’t want to design my personal Amazon product research engine, so I don’t have an option.

For the complete package ONLY, below are the several payment options (monthly or yearly):

  • For 501 – 2,000: $89 per month (Monthly basis) and $59 per month (Annual basis)
  • For 2,001 – 5,000: $119 per month (Monthly basis) and $79 per month (Annual basis)
  • For 5,0001 – 10,000: $219 per month (Monthly basis) and $139 per month (Annual basis)
  • For 10,001 plus: $419 per month (Monthly basis) and $259 per month (Annual basis)

Is Jungle Scout Really Worth It?

This is among the most frequent inquiries I receive from new business owners. Yes, in my opinion. a hundred percent

For much less than $50 per month, you can purchase a tool that does the following:

  • Save the hours and days of labor by identifying the best stuff to sell for your company and displaying the specific wording to use to maximize your listings.
  • Shows you the total quantity of sales over time so that you can make educated selections.
  • It might assist you in estimating your PPC spending.
  • It’s not even a comprehensive list of niches to search to locate untapped things to sell.

Yes, when you sell more, the cost begins to rise, but why should you worry at that point? When you make more sales, the price merely keeps rising. It’s completely worthwhile. The only drawback would be that Jungle Scout isn’t a magical cure on which you should completely rely.

This is a common blunder made by newcomers. It’s almost always correct, but unless you realize what you’re searching for. You must first comprehend how the market operates and have a thorough understanding of Amazon.

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