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Jungle Scout is for those who wants become a good Amazon seller and sell quality products to their customers.

ASINspector helps its users by finding the right products to sell.

Ease of Use

It is very user friendly according to its users and the tools provided by Jungle Scout has better accuracy in finding the right products.

ASINspector’s user interface is also good but in comparison to Jungle Scout, it still lacks few things.

Value For Money

Jungle Scout is totally worth every penny because of its capability to boost sales of their customers.

You have to pay one time to purchase ASINspector membership but it still lacks many things so it can be a good option but not the best.

Customer Support

According to the reviews of customers, Jungle Scout’s customer support is really helpful and can be contacted whenever you want.

Customer Support of ASINspector is good.

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Who doesn’t wish to start a business online? Everyone does, right? And when we talk about an e-commerce giant as big as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc, exceeding the existing success rate and touching new heights in business has become everybody’s forte.

For assured success on amazon, product research tool and finder tool play a very important role.

I am sure that for this very purpose you ended up here. The names like JungleScout and ASINspector are very popular among people when we talk about amazon product research tool.

Do you want to spy on your competitors? Do you wish to figure out how they are excelling in their business? You are in the right place, my friend! Let me just tell you that the two best tools for this purpose are JungleScout and ASINpector. So, which among them is the best tool for finding right products to sell on Amazon?

In this blog, I would help you find the answer to your question by doing a thorough comparison between Jungle Scout and ASINspector. Let’s check data accuracy chart for various Amazon FBA tools.

review of Jungle Scout - product hunt tool

There are various product research tools available online such as Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector which helps you to eliminate the need for tiresome product research and help you avoid expensive mistakes. You’ll be able to reduce your product research time from days or weeks to just minutes.

Are you confused between Jungle scout or ASInspector, which one is better to invest in?

Well, by the end of this review you’ll know which one is “Perfect” for you. So let’s get started with the comparison between Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector.

Quick Update :

ASINpector is now part of SixLeaf, you will be redirected to SixLeaf as they had taken over this software. 

?  Bottom Line Upfront:

Jungle Scout is the better than ASINspector when it comes to Amazon FBA business and in terms of functionalities and features. This Amazon tool helps you in finding the best products for you to boost your sales.Yes, if you know what you are doing and have experience on Amazon.

You should use Jungle Scout because it has a higher percentage accuracy than other tools. The information for Jungle Scout comes from Amazon’s API user interface, which is the same as ASINspector. Jungle Scout uses AccuSales data, which is estimated by AccuSales – the best company to measure 500 million+ points daily with two Ph.D., two MSc, and four BSc holders capable of measuring them!

Get upto 20% off on Jungle Scout today.

Jungle Scout vs ASINspector | The Basic Overview

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the most popular product research tool used by more than 4,00,000 entrepreneurs from across the world.

Check our in-depth Jungle Scout review here.

Founded in 2015 by Greg Marcer, Jungle Scout is the all in one solution for all your Amazon product selling problems.

If you are a starter looking to launch your product, if you want to grow your existing business and do market research, or if you want to explore brand and agency solutions, Jungle Scout is the best place for you to find your solutions.

Jungle Scout has an amazing product and supplier database. Its inventory manager, sales analytics along with the Product tracker gives the most accurate data regarding any product research. They have recently upgraded their Keyword Scout which helps with everything related to keywords from keyword finding to keyword tracking. Jungle Scout comes with chrome extension as well as Jungle Scout web app which makes it super easy to use this tool on the go. Jungle Scout makes it super easy to do the market research in order to outrank your competitors easily even on their web app.

Jungle Scout is widely used by entrepreneurs all over the world. More than 500 million products have been monitored and 400000 entrepreneurs are supported by Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout annually assists more than $3 billion in Amazon sales.

You can check our detailed JungleScout Review below:

What is ASINspector?

When it comes to selling on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, ASINspector is the best product research tool and launching tool available.  Along with Amazon, you can easily use this tool to find right products to sell on BigComerce giants like Shopify and eBay.

ASINspector Features Overview

Endorsed by Kevin Harrington, ASINspector has also been able to prove guaranteed success to its sellers and is one of the best tools when it comes to increasing your revenue.

With more than 29,797 happy sellers, ASINspector has helped in saving over 1.7 million research hours. This tool is considered to be very economical but its lower accuracy makes it a difficult tool to rely on.

Key Features & Benefits (Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector)

Talking about the features of Jungle Scout and ASINspector, both have some features and are common, and some features make one better than the other.

Lets first have a look at their common features-

Competitor analysis- This is a very common feature that you can easily find in any product research tool. Analyzing how your competitor is performing, which of his products are doing great, and why? Knowing the answers to these questions is surely going to help you

Keyword research- This helps you find the best keywords for your products. You can find the most trending keywords and also track their performance. You can do the keyword research in the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension as well as Jungle Scout web app.

Product ranking- This feature enables you to view the product rankings over some time. You can know the ranks of your products and predict their performance.

Product tracking- This feature helps you to track the performance of the product you are searching for. It will also help you to do product research to select the best product to launch in the market.

Sales estimates- These provide all the required estimates regarding the sales using different sales analytics tools. This will keep you a track record of all your sales.

Profit calculator- Calculation of profit is something that we do from time to time. For this purpose, now profit calculators can be used. These profit calculators help you calculate the net profits that your product makes.

Jungle Scout Key Features Overview

  • Product Database:  With Jungle Scout you can research using the most accurate data available.

Jungle Scout Product Database — ASINspector vs Jungle Scout

  • Product Tracker: Monitor products online.

Product Tracker

  • Opportunity Finder: Find profitable product niches, within few clicks.

Opportunity Finder

  • Supplier Database: You can source & validate suppliers by sitting in the comfort of your home. You can also find the and locate the different product variations in the suppliers database.

Supplier Database

  • Keyword Scout Updated: You can generate keywords that converts.

Keyword Scout

  • Academy: You can learn by Exclusive Amazon training
  • Sales Analytics: You can track your Amazon finances

Sales Analytics

  • Inventory Manager: You can track and manage inventory easily and know how much stock to order & when to order. It helps you be proactive.

Inventory Manager JungleScout

  • Launch: You can set up email automation & promotional activities

Launch Features for Sellers

  • Alerts: You’ll be notified when your product variations or listings change

Products Alerts

  • Listing Builder: You can create  Amazon listings

Who should use Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout has all the features required to help you in any stage of your business. For beginners, Jungle Scout even has great videos to help you learn and grow. This product research tool will help you select and launch the correct product for you with a lot of ease.

If you are not a starter and wish to grow your business using different tools, Jungle Scout has the features like inventory management and various databases just ready for you on their web app. Even if you are a big well-established firm and still wish to grow, Jungle Scout has the perfect mix of features for you. Hence, anyone who is or wants to become an Amazon seller can use Jungle Scout.

 ASINspector Key Features Overview:

Let us have a look at the features offered by ASINspector.

  • Know Best Seller Rankings: With ASINspector you can uncover hidden gems by finding “Best Seller” Rankings. It will help you identify the best Amazon sellers on the platform and you can analyze what is making them stay at the top.
  • Mobile Scan: You can scan any item, anywhere, from any store on your Apple IOS or Android device and know its complete details
  • Intelligent Filters: You can easily filter by category or column and scroll down to find exactly the parameters you are looking for
  • Idea Gene: Click our “magic light bulb” and let ASINspector Pro find keywords, products and niches automatically
  • ASIN Import: You can upload an unlimited amount of ASIN’s at once, and then ASIN Pro research them all for you with filters!
  • Reverse Search: You can easily search eCommerce sites like Walmart, eBay, and more, and have ASINspector Pro pull out the results for you
  • Keyword Analyzer:  You can easily and instantly find the best-ranking keywords and create lists for any product using Google and Google Trend for better ranking
  • Works on All Amazon Platforms: If you’re planning on selling in another country. Then this tool is definitely for you. ASINspector works on ANY Amazon website, even in the newest countries (in every different currency)
  • UPC Import: You can quickly find out the Child/ Variations for Amazon Products to see exactly where they are listed
  • Finds Sponsored Ads Data: Research all the data points from the listings that are spending additional money to promote their products
  • Quick View: You don’t need to leave the Amazon listing to get some key data points with the ASINspector Pro
  • Inventory Tracking: You can easily track the remaining inventory on hand for all Sellers
  • Revenue Estimator: Unlike other tools, ASINspector offers revenue estimator which shows instant, accurate monthly sales volume of products selling on Amazon
  • Helps you with Research: It helps you find out exactly which category/nodes you need to focus on
  • Makes Product Sourcing Easy: You can easily research the cost and availability of products on platforms like AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay to see if it’s worthwhile competing in that niche
  • Star Rating Stats: You can view product variations review statistics, including the number of reviews and the average star rating instantly for any product
  • Product Pricing Comparison: Compare prices on 3rd party websites such as Walmart or eBay to get a better idea of market value or what the same product is selling for elsewhere
  • Store & Save: Conveniently store and save your favourite searches so you can find them again anytime
  • Research Variations of the Product: You can quickly find out the Child/ Variations for Amazon Products to see exactly where they are listed
  • Opportunities: You can quickly find out which is the frequently bought together so you can increase your average order value and think of products you can sell in addition to your current or researched product
  • Instant Net Payout: You can find out what costs you would need to source the product after Seller Fees in order to still make a great profit
  • Listing Assister: Building a new Listing can be difficult without assistance. Let ASINspector Pro assist you in building the best possible listing for conversions and ranking
  • Feature Training: Not Only Amazing Features but they also have Amazing Videos on how to use them all.

Who should use ASINspector?

I would recommend ASINspector to all the beginners who have never tried selling on Amazon. This would be because the features offered by ASINspector are amazing plus the payment is also cheap and I always prefer paying once and using it without having to worry about the next payment. ASINspector would also be great for users who would like to use a mobile application for using the tool. All the features offered by this tool are great and would help any beginner to get a hang of becoming a great online seller. Also, if you’re an amazon seller looking to do proper market research ASINspector is definitely worth your try.

Comparison Sheet for Jungle Scout & ASINspector Features

Features ASINspector Jungle Scout
Chrome Extension Chrome Extension

Web Application

  • Sponsored & Organic Product Differentiation
This feature is only available on Pro Version Does not display the entire sponsored product during search
Does not show Shows Variations of the Products
  • Functionality on “Best Sellers” Page
Runs on Best Sellers Page Only on Online Stores
Shows BSR History & Price Shows undetailed history

User-Interface | Which One Is Easy To Use ?

Jungle Scout

For jungle scout, the user interface is easier to use and more user-friendly as the data is overlaid is on top of the browser.


ASINspector user-interface is also easy but it opens a new tab each time when searching

The Usability Comparison

How convenient it is to use a tool makes the whole difference. It is very important to have good GUI for any tool, it makes it easy to understand and use.

Keyword Scout

Both Jungle scout Vs ASINspector has a great interface, which makes them easy to understand and use quickly. The downside of a Chrome extension is the vulnerability of the browser which makes it unsafe. ASINspector is available as a mobile app. With this, you can scan the physical product’s barcode and get details. This is very useful for people who like going to discounted products for comparison.

 The Pricing Battle: Which One Is Value For Money Jungle Scout or ASINpector

Jungle Scout and ASINspector both have very different payment plans. Jungle Scout has a monthly or yearly payment plan for both its chrome extension as well as its web application. ASINspector has only a one-time payment plan. Once you have paid the amount you don’t have to keep on paying it, again and again, every month. I think this one-time payment feature is what makes ASINspector better, as the one time cost is also not very high and with just one payment you can use all its features easily.

Let’s check what pricing plans these tools offers for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle scout offers 3 Packages with different features, you get Extension, Jungle scout & combination of both.

Let’s understand what you can get with Extension, you will get, Chrome Extension, Opportunity Score, Product Score, Product DataBase (20 Searches), Product Tracker (10 Products), Supplier Database (20 Searches), Keyword scout (20 searches), Academy, AccuSales Estimates, Customer Support, etc.

Jungle scout Pricing Review

Jungle Scout is a  software that helps to find, source and launch your product. It costs you $39 per month. Jungle Scout does not come with a Google Chrome extension and Opportunity score.

It provides other tools including Product Score, Product DataBase (20 Searches), Product Tracker (10 Products), Supplier Database (20 Searches), Keyword scout (20 searches), Academy, AccuSales Estimates, Customer Support, Opportunity Finder, Rank Tracker, Sales Analytics, Inventory Management, Email Campaigns, Product Promotions, Alerts, Listing Builder, Supplier Tracker, etc.

Jungle Scout & Extension is a combination of both and supports everything from Google Chrome Extension to Supply Tracker.

Can I use Jungle Scout for free?

Jungle Scout does not have any free plans but it offers an amazing 14-day money-back guarantee. Usually, many research tools offer only a 7day money-back guarantee but Jungle Scout offers you a complete 2-week free trial.

You just have to make the payment to get started and you can start using all the features. If within 14 days you realize that you do not want to continue using Jungle Scout then you can just cancel your subscription and claim your refund. If you face any problems doing the same, you can contact their support team which would be happy to help you.

ASINspector Pricing 

ASINspector has 2 Packages to offer which has different specifications.

First one is standard version of $97, in which you get: Amazon Product Table Data Points (12), FBA net payout calculator, Search amazon product on stores (Walmart, Target, etc), Get product prices from several different stores, you can open frequently bought together products, Export to Excel, Load next or multiple amazon search pages, Keyword trend and related Keywords, Start a new search, Amazing customer service

And here’s a list of functions you miss out on if you choose this Package:

Full Training + Software = WIN!, You can get Trained On How To Sell, Get Trained To Beat Competitors, Open all child/variations for a product, inventory on hand and prices from all sellers, product keywords in standard version, You cannot get product page analysis also the profit calculator, Import ASINs / UPCs, Cannot save your favorite searches, Phone UPC barcode scanner, Brainstorm and discover random keywords,

Pro version package which costs $147

ASINspector Pricing Review

Features you get access to with this Pro version:

Unlimited Searches, Unlimited Data, 2X Your Money Back Guarantee, Amazon Product Table Datapoints (70+), Find A Profitable Product To Sell, Identify Growing Trends, Find Your Niche or Product Ideas, Keep an Eye On Your Competition, Get  Instant Sales Estimates, Daily Sales Estimates, Monthly Sales Estimates, Review & Ratings Tracking, Category & Seller Ranking, Get Sellers Inventory on Hand​ for All Sellers, Done For You Within Minutes get 1000’s of records, Mobile App UPC Barcode Scanner, Reverse Search on 3rd-party Stores, Product Ads Data, Amazon “Done For You” feature for bulk UPC upload, Quickly Locate “Frequently Bought Together” Products,

You can Bulk Export Data to Excel (CSV or XLS), Filter 1000’s of Results in Seconds With Advanced Filters, Keyword Driven Searches Identify Profitable Products Fast, Quickly View All Child / Variations of A Product Listing, All Standard Feature etc with this pro version.

Can I use ASINspector for free?

ASINspector does not have any free plans but it offers an amazing 7-day money-back guarantee. You have to make the payment to get started and you can start using all the features. If within 7 days you realize that you do not want to continue using ASINspector then you can just cancel your subscription and claim your refund. If you face any problems doing the same, you can contact their support team which would be happy to help you.

Yes, with ASINspector as an amazon seller you can start their free trial and get started right away.

Major Differences

Number of Users: With over 4,00,000+ users, Jungle Scout has a huge user group as compared to ASINspector who has more than 29797 users.

A number of features offered: Jungle Scout offers many more features as compared to ASINspector.

Data Accuracy: Jungle Scout has the highest Data accuracy of about  84% while ASINspector has an accuracy of about 30.5%.

Pricing: I believe ASINspector is very cost-effective and you have to pay very little to use it when compared to Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout has three pricing plans whereas ASINspecor has only two plans and no web application.

User-friendliness: I found Jungle Scout to be a bit more user friendly than ASINspector.

Ease of use: I think navigating through the website of Jungle Scout was easier as compared to ASINspector. When the navigation is easier the users usually tend to enjoy the whole experience.

Pros & Cons 

Let us have a look at the various pros and cons of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout PROS Jungle Scout CONS
  • Web application and a chrome extension available.
  • Very popular and highly used.
  • High accuracy of data.
  • User-friendly software
  • Easy navigation
  • Good for beginners.
  • Highly reliable.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • Does not include PPC performance.
  • Search history is not stored.
  • Monthly pricing is higher as compared to other tools.

Let us have a look at the various pros and cons of ASINspector.

ASINspector PROS ASINspector CONS
  • Cost-effective and very economic tool.
  • Idea generator feature available.
  • It has a great mobile scan feature.
  • Stores search history for future use.
  • It offers a 7-day free trial.
  • It has low accuracy.
  • It is less reliable as variations are not included in sales value.
  • It has no web application, only the chrome extension is available.

Why do I like ASINspector?

ASINspector had all of my attention when I found out that it let me search stores. Yes, it has an amazing feature that helps you to search for stores that are not present in any other product research tool.  You can look through stores like Walmart and know about their products.

The chrome extension is really helpful when it comes to instant viewing of products on different websites and it makes it easier for new users to use. The mobile application is also very user friendly and is very easy to use even for new beginners. The ASINspector tools makes the product research process easy and quick.

ASINspector helps you keep your search history after you have searched for a particular product.  This helps you to easily resume your search for better results. The best thing about ASINspector is its pricing.  You just have to pay a one-time price of $97 and you can start using ASINspector to improve your business.

Why do I like Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the most widely used Amazon product research and finder tool. It is highly accurate and reliable which makes it the most popular tool among sellers. If you consult any high seller on Amazon, his/her first recommendation will most likely be Jungle Scout. It can be easily used at any stage of your business and its amazing user interface gives you a very delightful user experience. What’s more, Jungle Scout makes the product research easy even for beginenrs.

Jungle Scout provides videos for beginners through the beginner’s guide and also provides E-Books for all its users. You can easily see product variations in Jungle Scout which is a not so popular feature in all the other tools. Jungle Scout has a web application as well as a chrome extension, a combination of both is going to accelerate your growth. All these things together make Jungle Scout the best product research and finder tool.

What All Product Research Tools Tell You?

  • About the Competition:  Which brands are available in that particular category and who is selling that item whether the items are being sold by Amazon, through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), or by a merchant from their own warehouse. Complete details are shown.
  • Bestseller Rank on Amazon (BSR):  The Best Seller Rank for each item, which helps you estimate demand as well as see how well the category ranks overall
  • Unit Volume Data: An estimate of how many sales there are each month.
  • Revenue: Estimated cyclic revenue
  • Amazon Fees: The FBA fees for each category (Amazon fees differs from category to category)
  • Profit Percentage: The overall profit margin and profit percentage margin for each product is shown.
  • The number of Reviews and Review Rating – An up-to-date report on the number of reviews a product has got and what the overall rating is of a particular product category or product.

By finding products with high unit volume but a low number of reviews, you’ll be able to pinpoint that profitable winning spot of a product that is in high demand with low competition.

Further, a low review rating means you have an opportunity to improve the product and beat the existing producer/ competitor.

  • Keywords: What keywords your competitors rank for and what keywords people are using in search of that particular category.
  • Product Variations: Best-selling features and opportunities for product bundling are shown.

Basically, the reason why people are buying that particular product. The main reason/ USP behind the sales.

  • Product Sourcing: The list of best places to source the products you want to sell. List of producers or manufacturers.
  • Price History and Sales Rank: What is the competitiveness of a product over months or years
  • Inventory Details: Inventory levels of each of your competitors

You can predict the future of your competitors by knowing Inventory Details.

Wondering How? For instance, In case your competitors flush with inventory?

This could indicate they anticipate high demand. In case they running out of stock? Maybe they are planning to discontinue the item. There are a variety of ways to interpret stock levels, and having this data is invaluable.

  • Filtering: view only the products and performers that meet your criteria.

There are crores of products listed on Amazon, you can filter and choose products/ category of your choice to know the details.

Are you wondering when all Product Research Tools show the same information then what makes the difference?

The only element that makes the difference is “Accuracy”. Only a few tools show you accurate data based on their algorithms. We prefer using Google instead of any other search engine, mostly because it shows us the accurate data we are looking out for. There are several Product Research tools available online but the most famous and widely used Product Research Tools like Jungle scout & ASINspector.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector

✅Can I export my data using ASINspector?

Yes, ASINspector allows you to export your data to excel sheets which is an amazing feature as you can easily access your data and also analyze it using excel.

✅ Does the ASINspector extension work on any browser?

As the ASINspector is a chrome extension, it will work on only chrome browsers.

✅ Can I use the ASINspector on various computers?

Yes, you can use ASINspector on various computers. You just have to log in with your credentials and you are free to access ASINspetor from any device.

✅ How does Jungle Scout help a beginner?

Jungle Scout has beginners guide in its resources which is specially designed to help beginners. The Jungle Scout academy also has different tutorials present to help beginners.

✅ Does Jungle Scout have free webinars?

Jungle Scout uploads webinars in its resources. Any user can access the online webinars offered by Jungle Scout. These webinars are held and updated from time to time.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials (Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector)

Jungle Scout— Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Jungle scout Customer Reviews

ASINspector — Customer Reviews & Testimonials

ASINspector Customer Reviews

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The Final Verdict: Jungle Scout vs ASINspector : Who Wins?

If you’re an Amazon seller Jungle Scout and ASINspector is the two top-notch choices available to kickstart your Amazon business.

The two products i.e., Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector have similar service offerings. Both tools have their own advantages, disadvantages and features that one should understand before making a purchase decision.

For instance, ASINspector is quite affordable whereas Jungle Scout is a bit expensive. ASINspector has a monthly subscription fee while jungle scout has no monthly subscription fee and also the purchase cost is high. You get a free trial with ASINspector but not with Jungle scout although you have a 2-week refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the performance. All you need to do is sign up, fill out your name email address and you’re good to start selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scout provides more accurate than ASINspector. Also, jungle scout differentiates between organic content and sponsored content. Whereas, ASINspector does not provide such detailed information. With all the above features of the product, one can be able to make an informed decision on which Amazon product research tool to purchase for product use.

Jungle Scout is the clear winner when it’s compared side-by-side with ASINspector. It wins for accuracy, support, features, and functionality.

We hope this Jungle Scout vs ASINspector comparison suits your purpose well. You can share this post on trending social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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